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Leanne won.  I was so rooting for Korto.  I liked most of the stuff Korto sent down the runway – that short green dress didn’t work for me – but I’ve got to admit, Leanne’s things were gorgeous.  Great color palette, those pleats are awesome.  I kinda figured Leanne would win, but I hoped maybe, just maybe Korto would win because Leanne’s collection was so homogenous.  No comment on Kenley.  She worked my last nerve, so I knew I wasn’t unbiased looking at her work. Here are my favorites from each collection:




Did you watch?  What did you think??

And er um, no, I didn’t watch the debate.  But hey, I already know who I’m voting for.  Yes we can!!!!


5 thoughts on “Dadgumit!

  1. I was rooting for Leanne. I thought she’d win. I had a few moments of doubt when Korto’s collection came down the runway. I wish I had an ounce of talent either of those girls possessed.

    I didn’t watch the debate either. I have my pick. Nothing that could have been said last night could change my mind.

  2. yeah I watched it last night as well……..I’m glad Leanna won, I didn’t think Korto would win, because I agree someof her stuff had too much going on. But I loved her collection all together.

    I saw the most cohesiveness with Leanne’s collection, those pleats/wave were gorgoeous and that wedding gown. I think there was one piece from her collection I didn’t quite like and that was the blue top/vest she paired with the pants. But the pants were nice……..

    In the end, I was really glad Kenley got the boot, cause she irked my nerves to no end with her constant defensiveness when the judges had criticism with her pieces thru out the season.

  3. Although I definitely wanted Korto to win I could at least accept that #1 Kenley got dismissed FIRST and #2 Leanne did make some beautiful very artistic clothing.

  4. I wanted Corto to win as well. I felt like Leanne’s collection looked too similar. Michael Kors was dead on when he called her Petals Marshall. I think the judges saying her stuff was overworked, was just wrong.


  5. My sentiments exactly!! I was rooting for Korto, but Leanne knocked it out the park for the Bryant Park show. It looked so couture. Korto definitely has skills though.

    And I ended up flipping between the debate and the PR finale. I missed most of Kenley’s collection because of it, but like you – she was on my last nerve anyway.

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