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Happy Friday!


Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

  • Two people – count ’em, two – called me this week and asked me to send them my resume.  Maybe something will pan out, maybe not, but isn’t it awesome to know that God is always working in our favor even when we can’t see it?  I don’t even really know one of the women – she is the wife of someone with whom I work, and I don’t remember ever discussing the fact that I’m looking for a new job with her.
  • My kid has been cracking me up.  She told me the other day that she is and I quote “tired of this hair color.  Can we dye it?”  No ma’am we are not dyeing your hair!  I don’t even know how she knows what hair dye is. I certainly didn’t dye all this gray into my hair!  Her color of choice?  Red.
  • I’m back in boot camp!  As part of my “fine in ’09” mission, I’ve re-enlisted.  I can tell that I’m in better shape than I was the first time I went through.  It still hurts, just not as bad.
  • Two weeks of work left before I leave for China.  The closer this trip gets the less I can stand myself!  I’ve got to semi-master chopsticks before I go . . .
  • A dear friend who has been miserable in her job finally got a new, higher paying position – yay L!
  • This weekend is girl’s night out.  We’re going to eat Chinese (yes, at my suggestion) and to see The S.ecret Life of Bees.  I loved the book and hope the movie does it justice.

What made you happy this week?  What’re you doing this weekend?  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous week! My husband coming to have lunch with me this week made me happy. This weekend, I hope soccer is canceled so I can go to a book sale and my favorite thrift shop.

  2. Gosh, I love your week! There was a lot of great stuff! I need to be back in bootcamp myself. I can’t believe I’m training for a freakin’ marathon and still look like the pillsbury doughgirl. You have inspired me though to look on the bright side!

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