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Gone ‘Til November

Alright y’all, let’s wrap this up.  I’m leaving for CA/China  Saturday, and I’ve got lots to do between now and then.  So I think this’ll be my last post until I get back.  There’s a bit of randomness floating around, so here goes:

  • Please pray that I have a safe trip to Cali, China, and back to MS.
  • I’ll be in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou.
  • Please pray that Smoochy and Lovegirl function well in my absence and that my kiddo is “okay” with my being gone.  I’m starting to feel guilty for leaving her for two weeks . . . I haven’t yet told her that I’m leaving.
  • I Barack-ed the vote Wednesday!  Something very anti-climactic about filling about a paper ballot, sealing it up and turning it in to a county clerk.  I really hate that I won’t be in the country to watch the returns.  Think they’ll be broadcast in Beijing?
  • First stop after I’ve claimed my luggage at LAX?  Senor Baja.  I plan on eating fish tacos ’til I pop!
  • I was so stressed about my boss and her weird ways that I sat on my back porch the other night and smoked a cigar.  I know, right?  I haven’t smoked a cigar since college and it is not like I smoked many then.  It was rather relaxing though I had a helluva time getting that scent off of me.  I felt like a bad kid and kept waiting for someone to come outside and bust me. 
  • My girlie started crying when we pulled up to school on Tuesday.  “Mama, I can’t go to school looking like this.  I told you I needed to dye my hair!”  Girl, if you don’t get yourself together and get out of this truck . . . I can only imagine life with this child once hormones hit!!
  • Dear local political candidates, please stop spending money on television/radio ads.  Never have I been influenced to vote for someone because of them.  Especially you B.ennie T.hompson – at least get a new theme song. 
  • Y’all, if when Barack Obama wins next week, I will probably just fall out.  I’m beginning to think it may be a good thing that I won’t be here.  My heart can’t stand the excitement of it all!
  • I’m going to get the new J.ohn L.egend tomorrow.  Has anyone heard anything beside “G.reen Light?”  I’m hoping the rest of the album will be as good.  I love that little man.
  • Yesterday’s sermon was all about speaking positive things into existence in your life.  I am so with that and plan on doing this on the daily!!  Lovegirl and I will also start our day with prayer.  I’ve been lax in that area of my life and I know better.  I’m also hoping that starting our day with prayer will influence Lovegirl’s behavior – some days she goes to school and just acts a plum fool!  My kid is a trip y’all.  She told me yesterday that she was “fearfully and wonderfully right.”  No ma’am.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Quit misquoting the Bible for your own purposes!!
  • Thank you W.al Mart for adding S.tash teas to your inventory!  They are my favorite.  And the White Chai?  Add a splash of milk and a little sugar and it is beyond delicious.  Love it and buying a box of tea is way more economical than paying 3 or 4 bucks at the local coffee stand for the exact same thing!
  • I’m thinking about training for a marathon next year.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.
  • I guess that’s it.  Y’all be good.  Be blessed.  I’ll catch up in a few.  Peace!

11 thoughts on “Gone ‘Til November

  1. Why am I a little sad that you’ll be gone? Sheesh.

    I pray that you will have a safe return and that Lovegirl and Smoochy will not fall apart. I told you, leave my number with Smoochy and me and Aidan will come scoop her up anytime! I might even call him and be like “yeah, we normally have Lovegirl on Tuesdays. I’ma need you to comply.”

    I can’t believe you’re already stifling Lovegirl’s stylista moments. For shame.

    What fund raiser?

    Marathon? Me? You aren’t going to trick me like you did with boot camp — I’ll think about it.

  2. Have a safe trip. I’m glad I have someone to commeserate with about not being in the US on Nov 4. I live in Europe and Barack-ed my absentee ballot last week. My wonderful white husband also voted for Barack, but I really wish that at that historic moment in time when Barack wins, it would really be amazing to be with my (black) family, because although he will be the president of the whole United States, it won’t have the same emotional resonance with some as it will with my parents and all the other black people who never imagined it would happen in their lifetime.

    Regarding that marathon, I’ve been toying with the idea of training for one myself. Keep me posted on your decision.

  3. Laughing808 – Thanks!

    JJ – I am so excited that I am becoming obnoxious – but I can’t help it!! I’m looking forward to China AND two weeks of being responsibility free! Thanks for the well wishes.

    Pserendipity – You’re so sweet! Thanks for your prayers. Would it be wrong if I told you I already put you on the emergency contact sheet I made for Smoochy? Girl, Ms. D must’ve kicked you off the list – a Belk charity sale something or nother. I’ll forward the email to you. No comment on the bootcamp thing – I plead no contest! But I’m serious about the marathon – I think 🙂

    Stillirise – I am thankful that I’m traveling with my parents and one out of three brothers, so I’m sure we’ll watch the returns, but I cannot imagine the swells of emotion and excitement stateside that will accompany Obama’s win next Tuesday. I’ll keep y’all posted on my “maybe-thon.”

  4. Nerd Girl, Have a wonderful trip. You’ll be missed, I’ll keep you in prayer and Smoochy and Lovegirl will be absolutely fine. They will work out their own plan and this time together will benefit everyone. Take good care and travel well. MM

  5. – Have so much fun in China!
    – Of course, they’ll be covering the election. We’re major! LOL!
    – Lovegirl is hilarious. I can’t go with my hair looking like this… oooh that funny!

  6. Mango Mama – Thanks much! I know you’re right about Smoochy and Lovegirl (I’d love to be a fly on our 4 walls though). Can’t wait to share trip details with y’all.

    Creole in DC – No doubt. Thanks much – I’ll be back to dish. You want something back from China??

    Dee – Will do. Can’t wait to read about your adventures when I get back. That outfit baby girl had on? Fabulous!

    T – If you’re in the neighborhood for a sassy 4 year old, I’ve got one you can borrow – hair and all! Thanks 🙂

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