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This is my last pre-China post. I think.

As I mentioned in my last post, Lovegirl’s been acting a bit of a fool lately, so I’ve started praying with her before school.  How’s that working you wonder?  So glad you asked.

Monday, we prayed.  I sent her off to school with a hug and expected a great report that afternoon.  When I picked her up I was promptly told that she had been disobedient for most of the day.  The straw that broke the camel’s back?  Her teacher told her to “come here.”  Instead my girl promptly ran under a table, sat there and started singing Bible songs.  I gave her a stern talking to, dropped her off at the sitter’s and was told that she acted a fool there on the regular, but Ms. D hadn’t told me because, and I quote, “that’s my baby.”  She got a spanking, another talking to, and we moved on.

Tuesday, we prayed.  When I picked her up, the teacher was preoccupied.  So I asked Lovegirl how her day was.  “Oh Mama, I was disobedient.  I did something Ms. R didn’t like.  But I already prayed, so don’t worry about it, okay?”  After I stopped laughing (on the inside of course) I asked her what she prayed.  “Well, I sure didn’t pray for Israel’s enemies!  I asked God to help me be obedient.”  Where does she get this stuff?  Israel’s enemies?  What does that have to do with your behavior?  I asked her what she’d learned about Israel’s enemies.  “Something about David and Jonathan hiding.  I can’t really remember.  I think King Saul was mad.”  Alrightie then.

Today?  I prayed alone.


8 thoughts on “This is my last pre-China post. I think.

  1. girl you got one on your hands!!! hilarious. i’m glad you shared this. my kid is 4 and he has had to sleep in the principals office during nap time, for bucking at 3 other kids like he was about to hit them. not his normal behaviour (not at school anyway) so this all took me by surprise. i just had to talk to him and hug him. he told me how he would make better decision the next day….. we shall see…

    noooooo blog and give us the china experience as it happens lol.. nah have a great time, we’ll be here to hear all the great stories when you return!!

  2. Kia – That’s what trips me out the most – they are so different depending on where they are! She doesn’t act a nut with us, but apparently when she’s not under our direct supervision she lets loose! Maybe I should talk to Lovegirl about making better decisions – let us know how your son’s decision making went 🙂

    Pinkyblue – I tell ya, the girl kills me! She’s definitely raising us more than we’re raising her.

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