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Whatever, whatever.

No rhyme or reason to this post.  I’ve got random stuff floating around in my head, and I don’t think I’ll be able to write anything that makes sense until I get this out. 

  • I’ve had two songs running through my head all week – “Jesus Be a Fence” by F.red Hammond and P.etey Pablo’s “Raise Up.”  I’ve got issues.
  • I usually go to the gym three or four days a week, Tuesdays through Thursdays and Saturday mornings.  I had a revelation the other day.  I’m always working on my relationship with God and desiring to be closer to Him and to have Him order my steps.  But.  I spend more time working on my physical fitness than I do my spiritual fitness.  Next step?  Wednesday night Bible study.
  • I’m thinking of returning to my semi-vegetarian past.  We were raised eating fish and dairy but no red meat or poultry.  I now eat poultry, but really could do without it.  I’ve been researching complete proteins – I don’t want to eat only red beans and rice every day – and want to make sure that if I do make the leap I’m still getting everything I need nutritionally.
  • i am tired of hearing about how bad the economy is.  We know.  Is there anything else going on in the world?
  • My crazy ass boss must be off the pills I just know she should be taking.  Her latest?  Told me that she’d been reviewing my time and noticed I was taking hour long lunches.  I now need to take 30 minutes lunches.  Ummm, I don’t clock in – how the hell are you reviewing my time?  I’ve worked here for almost two years – you just decided that I don’t get an hour for lunch?  What do you mean I only get a 30 minute lunch because salaried employees don’t get two 15 minute breaks(I’d been combining for my luxurious hour long lunch)?  Is this broad laying up at night thinking of things she can do or say to me that are absolutely damn ridiculous and wrong? This chick is NUTS!!!  I am, however, thankful to be employed.  So I just gave her the dead face and moved along.
  • I LOVED this season of House.wives of Atlanta!  This series has become my new guilty pleasure.  Sheer madness from one episode to the next – I can’t wait for the wrap up show next week.  Between NeNe keeping it real, no singing Kim, and DeShawn who seems to be the sweetest person ever, I could not get enough.  Just me?
  • Alright, maybe next time I’ll be back with something deep and thought provoking.  This is all I’ve got for now!

7 thoughts on “Whatever, whatever.

  1. So, I was gonna invite you and Lovegirl over for dinner so you could catch up on Obama night. But, Bible Study is mucho more importante. And I’m making chicken, which is poultry, which you semi gave up. Oh well.

  2. Pserendipity – Did Lovegirl call you?!? She told me this morning that she expected Aidan to be in school today and she wanted to hang out with him tonight! If they have child care for Bible study, I am so there. If not, I may call you – there is NO way I’ll learn anything with Ms. Mouth of the South sitting next to me chattering away. I was up too late last night – I’m sleepy!!!

  3. My boss looks at me with the hairy eye ehen I leave at 5. Her staff is a bunch of singles with no kids and they like to “work” until 7 or 8 but I have a family and a life. Like you said, though, I am glad to have a job… in this horrible economy (sorry, had to go there).

  4. I always said I would quit if I only had a half-hour lunch. My mom worked at a school district and they had that bull crap. It’s not long enough to scratch your head, let alone, leave, eat a meal and come back. So what usually happens is people order in, eat at their desk and work through lunch.

    Studies have actually shown that when you leave the office for an hour, you’re more productive through the end of the day. You’re also healthier because you’re not sedentary for 8,9 or 10 or 12 hours (if you work like me).

    The funniest part about the whole deal is that even though I’m adamant about being ABLE to take my hour, I never do. I give this company TOO much. But I bill every last hour too… homie don’t play that. LOL!

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