We Are Family

I was a little bummed over the Christmas holidays because I wasn’t going to see any of my family outside of Smoochy and Lovegirl.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws, but there’s nothing like clowning and reminiscing with the folks that know you best. 

My parents decided to drive to Houston to visit my brother and wanted me to drive over on Friday the 26th. As much as I love them and wanted to see them,  I just couldn’t do it.  Nothing in me thought that driving to Houston on Friday to be back on Sunday and at work on Monday sounded good.

Guess who showed up on my doorstep Monday evening?  My mom and dad!  I was so stoked and Lovegirl was beyond excited!  I have never seen a 4 year old come that close to passing out from sheer excitement.  We stayed up until 2 laughing and talking – and anyone who knows me knows that is a miracle, I’m usually in the bed by . . . 8:05.  I went to work Tuesday while my girl got to hang out with her grandparents for the entire day.  We chilled last night, and they’re on the road again this morning going back to Cali, Cali, Cali . . .

I love my family.  I love my parents.  I love my brothers.  One of my regrets is that we don’t live nearer each other and see each other more often.  When I saw my kid and my parents coming out of the store last night, holding hands and playing “swing!” I almost cried.  I truly hate that she won’t be physically closer to her grandparents as she grows up.  Only strengthens my resolve to hit the road and see them more than I have in the recent past.

And they bought me a new computer.  I didn’t ask them for one, and was actually saving my little pennies and Christmas gift cards to buy a mini.  Well, they blessed me by buying us a desktop.  I hope that I can be as much of a blessing to Lovegirl as my parents are to my brothers and I.  They raised us to be independent and self-sufficient – and for the most part we are.  But they sure know when to give a little extra and it is always, always appreciated.

On mothers:  Proverbs 31:28-29

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:  Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

On fathers:  Proverbs 20:7

“The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him.”


Arrivederci ’08

It is time to bid the ’08 a fond farewell and welcome  ’09 with open arms!

8 Things I Loved This Year:

  • Yes we can!  Barack Obama as the next President of the United States?  Oh yeah!
  • Watching my girl continue to grow.  She continues to amaze – and amuse me.  I am forever grateful for her.
  • My trip to China.
  • Finally joining a church.  I love having a place to call home again.
  • Going back to school.  As much as I whined about having/needing to go back to school, I’m glad to be back and look forward to the rest of the program.
  • My hair.  The longer it gets, the more I like it. 
  • Reinstating girl’s night out with my “mama-friends.”  We had a great time this year, and I can’t wait for continued good times with the girls.
  • T.I. telling me that I can have whatever I like.  Even though that’s not true, it is a nice concept. 🙂

8 Things I Didn’t Love Nearly As Much:

  • The horrid economy.  I pray that a rapid recovery is made and that the unemployment rates get as close to zero as possible.
  • Crime.  Not that I needed official confirmation, but according to a recently released study, murder rates for black youth continue to rise – murders have increased 39%!  My heart cries for these children and all affected families.
  • Television.  What is going on?  Beyond T.op Chef, there’s not much on that captures my interest.
  • My boss.  Read the archives if you’re interested.  Or just know that she is crazy as hell.
  • The “it aint my fault” defense.  Nothing seemed to be anyone’s fault this year – from the escapades of crooked politicians to the economy – everything was blamed on someone else.  I’m going to need the leaders of this country to stand up and take responsibility for their actions – good, bad, and ugly – in the ’09.
  • Music as a whole.  Not much out there that I was really feeling this year.
  • My brothers once again getting my Mom zilch for her birthday – and one forgetting to even call.  When will these knuckle heads learn that we have a helluva awesome Mom and that they shouldn’t take her for granted?
  • The T.itans not being able to remain undefeated for the entire season.  Hurt my little heart!

9 Things I’m Going to Do More of in the ’09:

  • Pray
  • Exercise
  • Have fun
  • Visit/call friends and family
  • Church-related activities
  • Cook
  • Read for pleasure
  • Dance
  • Smile

9 Things I’m Going to Do Less of in ’09:

  • Whine/Complain
  • Listen to others whine/complain
  • Procrastinating
  • Entertain foolishness
  • Sleep
  • Blog while at work (pray for me y’all!)
  • Let others steal my joy
  • Waste
  • Curse (I’m going to need prayer for this one too!)

Your turn!  What did you like about ’08?  What wasn’t so great?  Any resolutions for ’09?  Wills or won’ts?

Party Over Here!

So, last night I dropped Lovegirl off at the sitter’s so that I could start and finish Christmas shopping.  I didn’t finish, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

I’d gotten an invitation to a 40th birthday party for a former coworker, and decided that I’d drop in to wish him a happy b-day after I finished shopping and before I picked up Lovegirl.

So I get my directions straight, head over to the house, pull up to the party and go in.  I’m greeted warmly by the hostess and handed a drink.  I walk around smiling and waving at people.  Then I realize I don’t know a soul here and there’s no sign of the birthday boy.  So I mill around the buffet for a few minutes and finally ask someone if the birthday boy has made it yet. 

Birthday boy?  Yeah, “D.”  Ummm, this isn’t a birthday party – this is a holiday open house being thrown by the whoevers.

Y’all I was at the wrong stankin’ party!  The hostess was summoned, she pointed me down the street – after telling me that I was more than welcome to stay if I liked.

I went down two houses, wished dude a happy birthday, mingled for a bit and broke camp. 

I should’ve stayed at the other party – they were having way more fun!!

Excuse Me In Advance

This is my blog and I’ll curse if I want to.  And today, I really really want to.

If you’ve been reading, you may know that I don’t like my current job.  I’m overqualified, underpaid, and bored.  I’m back in school for my second masters to hopefully improve my hireability (whatever).

My boss is crazy.  If you’ve been reading for a while you know that too.

Anyhoo, I work for a hospital associated with a major university.  Enter the tuition waiver.  I can take two free classes a semester with my tuition waiver.  Yippee.

I started taking classes towards a masters in higher education administration this fall.  I’m taking my last final for this semester in a few minutes.

I also need to use education leave hours because one of my classes starts (330) before my work day ends (400).  I leave at 230 so I can pick up my kid, drop her at the sitter, and be in class by 330.  That means once a week – on Fridays – I leave an hour and a half early.

Bitch boss has decided she is no longer going to sign off on educational leave requests because they “interfere with productivity.”  What the F?!?  It’s 90 minutes a week.  Hell, I’ll skip lunch 3x a week if you think it is that big a deal.  Not to mention that this dumb cow goes to class 2x a week, but since she’s the supervisor I guess she can do what the hell she wants.  Have I mentioned she’s sleeping with the boss?  Yeah, she is.  And that’s not just gossip.

So, I decide to go to our boss – you know, her boyfriend – and see what’s up with the denial of the education leave.  With this being an educational facility and all, they are supposed to encourage us to get as much education as we can.  Well this joker starts giving me some bullshit about a tuition waiver costing the department and he’ll need to check with the office manager (aforementioned bitch boss) to see if it is in the budget for me to go to school.

WHAT THE HELL??????????

I’m not talking about a tuition waiver.  Those are GUARANTEED by board policy – all university employees are allowed 6 hours a semester.  You may be a big dog, but you don’t freaking write board policy.  Dumbass.  I’m talking about my 90 minutes of educational leave that your girlfriend says she’s going to deny from here on out.

I am pissed.  I am so freaking pissed.  Why is this heifer so petty?  She makes upwards of 90 grand a year.  With a high school diploma and some college credits.  I have more formal education in my little finger.  But really, I’m not mad about that (well, I am, but that’s not the point).  Why would she be so trifling as to tell me I can’t go to school.  She is just mean.  Downright mean.  There is no earthly reason for her to meddle in my shit.  None. 

I am really trying to be all mild mannered and sweet and Christian, but I really, really want to kick her ass.  I’ve never had a fight in my whole life, but if I ever catch her in an alley my hoops are coming off and I’m going to start swinging.


Get it Girl!

Saturday Pserendipity and I gathered our kids – okay, so we only have one each, anyhoo – we gathered the kids up and took them to the Jackson Christmas Parade and proceeded to have a pretty good time.  We watched bands march, motorcycles zoom, snakes slither, dancers dance and horses prance.

Sunday, Lovegirl and I were talking about the parade and I asked what her favorite part of the parade was.  Her answer?  “The pretty dancing girls!  I want to do that Mama!”

Hell no!  I mean um, we’ll talk about that when you get a little older.  No, I meant it – hell no!

Have y’all seen these dancing girls?  I’m not talking about the grown women who are shakin’ for their respective colleges, I’m talking about the little girls.  4 and 5 years olds who belong to groups with names like Dazzlin’ Divas, Sazzy Stepperz, and Prancin’ Princesses.  Skin tight leotards, bellies out, pony tail weaves in, sometimes wearing a full face of makeup.  Shimmying and shaking and gyrating better than most grown women.  No ma’am!  I’m all for a dance class or two – ballet, jazz, crumping if that’s what floats your boat.  But this other nonsense will not,  I repeat, not be participated in by any child of mine.

I’m always amazed at the . . . differences in parades in different communities.  The parade in our small city?  Not a shakin’ girl to be seen.  In Jackson, they were a dime a dozen. 

Do you all have these types of dance groups participating in your local parades?  Do you parent a daughter?  What are your thoughts?  Would you let your kiddo participate?  What about when she’s older – if she chose to attend a HBCU, would you let her be a Golden Girl, a J-sette?