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Get it Girl!

Saturday Pserendipity and I gathered our kids – okay, so we only have one each, anyhoo – we gathered the kids up and took them to the Jackson Christmas Parade and proceeded to have a pretty good time.  We watched bands march, motorcycles zoom, snakes slither, dancers dance and horses prance.

Sunday, Lovegirl and I were talking about the parade and I asked what her favorite part of the parade was.  Her answer?  “The pretty dancing girls!  I want to do that Mama!”

Hell no!  I mean um, we’ll talk about that when you get a little older.  No, I meant it – hell no!

Have y’all seen these dancing girls?  I’m not talking about the grown women who are shakin’ for their respective colleges, I’m talking about the little girls.  4 and 5 years olds who belong to groups with names like Dazzlin’ Divas, Sazzy Stepperz, and Prancin’ Princesses.  Skin tight leotards, bellies out, pony tail weaves in, sometimes wearing a full face of makeup.  Shimmying and shaking and gyrating better than most grown women.  No ma’am!  I’m all for a dance class or two – ballet, jazz, crumping if that’s what floats your boat.  But this other nonsense will not,  I repeat, not be participated in by any child of mine.

I’m always amazed at the . . . differences in parades in different communities.  The parade in our small city?  Not a shakin’ girl to be seen.  In Jackson, they were a dime a dozen. 

Do you all have these types of dance groups participating in your local parades?  Do you parent a daughter?  What are your thoughts?  Would you let your kiddo participate?  What about when she’s older – if she chose to attend a HBCU, would you let her be a Golden Girl, a J-sette?


One thought on “Get it Girl!

  1. Well we went to our parade this past Saturday. There’s only one parade in town- but it’s kinda funny. It runs about 3-4 miles long. So along the line- depending on where you stand (at the beginning or end) it’s either all black or all white. We always go to the end part but next year I think I’m gonna change up. It’s like the black groups get rowdier in their dance moves (the girls) when they get to the more urban crowds of the parade. The girls are shaking it up and doing their thang. But I KNOW they don’t do that in the beginning part of the parade cause that’s the part that’s videotaped. Imagine my surprise when I did see such romp shaking with my impressionable 4 year old- the highschool girls were the worst and I won’t even mention some of the comments being made by the GROWN men near us.

    But to answer your question- HECK NO. Alex won’t be joining any dance clubs where the focus is to re-create mini- Beyonces.

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