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Party Over Here!

So, last night I dropped Lovegirl off at the sitter’s so that I could start and finish Christmas shopping.  I didn’t finish, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

I’d gotten an invitation to a 40th birthday party for a former coworker, and decided that I’d drop in to wish him a happy b-day after I finished shopping and before I picked up Lovegirl.

So I get my directions straight, head over to the house, pull up to the party and go in.  I’m greeted warmly by the hostess and handed a drink.  I walk around smiling and waving at people.  Then I realize I don’t know a soul here and there’s no sign of the birthday boy.  So I mill around the buffet for a few minutes and finally ask someone if the birthday boy has made it yet. 

Birthday boy?  Yeah, “D.”  Ummm, this isn’t a birthday party – this is a holiday open house being thrown by the whoevers.

Y’all I was at the wrong stankin’ party!  The hostess was summoned, she pointed me down the street – after telling me that I was more than welcome to stay if I liked.

I went down two houses, wished dude a happy birthday, mingled for a bit and broke camp. 

I should’ve stayed at the other party – they were having way more fun!!


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