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Arrivederci ’08

It is time to bid the ’08 a fond farewell and welcome  ’09 with open arms!

8 Things I Loved This Year:

  • Yes we can!  Barack Obama as the next President of the United States?  Oh yeah!
  • Watching my girl continue to grow.  She continues to amaze – and amuse me.  I am forever grateful for her.
  • My trip to China.
  • Finally joining a church.  I love having a place to call home again.
  • Going back to school.  As much as I whined about having/needing to go back to school, I’m glad to be back and look forward to the rest of the program.
  • My hair.  The longer it gets, the more I like it. 
  • Reinstating girl’s night out with my “mama-friends.”  We had a great time this year, and I can’t wait for continued good times with the girls.
  • T.I. telling me that I can have whatever I like.  Even though that’s not true, it is a nice concept. 🙂

8 Things I Didn’t Love Nearly As Much:

  • The horrid economy.  I pray that a rapid recovery is made and that the unemployment rates get as close to zero as possible.
  • Crime.  Not that I needed official confirmation, but according to a recently released study, murder rates for black youth continue to rise – murders have increased 39%!  My heart cries for these children and all affected families.
  • Television.  What is going on?  Beyond T.op Chef, there’s not much on that captures my interest.
  • My boss.  Read the archives if you’re interested.  Or just know that she is crazy as hell.
  • The “it aint my fault” defense.  Nothing seemed to be anyone’s fault this year – from the escapades of crooked politicians to the economy – everything was blamed on someone else.  I’m going to need the leaders of this country to stand up and take responsibility for their actions – good, bad, and ugly – in the ’09.
  • Music as a whole.  Not much out there that I was really feeling this year.
  • My brothers once again getting my Mom zilch for her birthday – and one forgetting to even call.  When will these knuckle heads learn that we have a helluva awesome Mom and that they shouldn’t take her for granted?
  • The T.itans not being able to remain undefeated for the entire season.  Hurt my little heart!

9 Things I’m Going to Do More of in the ’09:

  • Pray
  • Exercise
  • Have fun
  • Visit/call friends and family
  • Church-related activities
  • Cook
  • Read for pleasure
  • Dance
  • Smile

9 Things I’m Going to Do Less of in ’09:

  • Whine/Complain
  • Listen to others whine/complain
  • Procrastinating
  • Entertain foolishness
  • Sleep
  • Blog while at work (pray for me y’all!)
  • Let others steal my joy
  • Waste
  • Curse (I’m going to need prayer for this one too!)

Your turn!  What did you like about ’08?  What wasn’t so great?  Any resolutions for ’09?  Wills or won’ts?


2 thoughts on “Arrivederci ’08

  1. Am I not a mama friend? I mean, I back you up with the grammar notes and everything and I still get left out. Sheesh.

    I’ve been trying to come up with a good end of year post, I might steal your flow.

    I don’t know yet what my resolutions are. I guess maybe I’ll think of some. By the time school resume on January 5, 2008, I oughta have somethin for ya. (bwaaaahahaha!! — I read your email, you was mad?)

  2. @ Pserendipity – Ummm, yeah, I got you on the mama-friend thang (guess I should’ve properly notified you first)! I’d already asked T to add you to the email list – dust off your bowling shoes – we’re hitting the lanes in February! Feel free to borrow as liberally as you need to. And you already know – I can’t take too much more from your girl!!!!

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