I’ve Got Nothing

Hope y’all weren’t waiting on pins and needles.  Lunch was . . .  nice.  That’s right, nice.  No drama, no neck rolling, no unpleasantries at all.  We went to a little pizza place around the corner.  Ordered.  Had nice conversation, a few laughs, a few remember whens.  And 2 hours later, we’re back in the office.

The End.


Speechless. And stuck.

So, my soon-to-be-former boss just rolled into my office, asked me if I was excited about my new job and said “I’d love to take you to lunch tomorrow.  11:30 okay?”  “Umm, sure.”

WHAT THE HELL?????????

I don’t like her, I’m pret sure she doesn’t like me, and somehow, I’ve agreed to a lunch date with her.

Pray for me – and her – y’all!

Numbers Nerd Girl, Numbers

21.  The number of days I fasted.  From January 4 – January 25 I consumed no bread, no meat, no honey/sugar, no sweets.  The first two days were hard, the rest, not so bad.  Still haven’t had any meat, but I have had two of the best pieces of toast ever and a cup of coffee with sugar!  It’s the little things I tell ya!

5.  The number of days I have left in my current department.

31.5.  The number of teeth I am showing as I grin thinking about the previous statement.  I broke a tooth, otherwise, it’d be 32.

4.0.  My current GPA.  Don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain it throughout the program, but it sure is nice right now.

2.  The number of weeks I spent in “Wintersession.”  An accelerated semester,  we were in class every night for three and a half hours a night.  It was no joke.  I seriously thought about dropping out of the program.  I was so tired – I literally went a couple of days with no sleep.  But, it is over and only lends additional creedence to the fact that “this too shall pass.”

10.  The number of years it has taken me to realize that Smoochy really has no clue what good eating habits are.  We went to breakfast yesterday.  The man ordered two pieces of sausage, a piece of bacon, a bowl of grits, two hash brown potato casseroles and two biscuits and then looked up at me and said “see, I’m eating better.”  No honey, you’re not.

1,000,000.  The number of channels the D.ish Network seems to have.  And yet, there’s still nothing on.  We had it installed this weekend.

9.  The number of hours standing between me and the gym.  Thanks to that intersession, I haven’t been in two weeks and I’m ready to work it out!

10-12.  The pounds I estimate I lost during my fast. 

3.  The number of items that Lovegirl needs to have coordinate or else her life is just all messed up.  The girl came to me in tears last week because and I quote “Mama, my socks, panties and lipgloss don’t match!  I can’t go to sleep looking like this!”  That’s right y’all – my kid coordinates her underclothes to the lipgloss she insists on wearing to bed every night.  Such a DIVA!

Any numbers you’d like to share?  I hope that you had a great weekend and that you have a great week!  Have I mentioned this is my last week at this gig?  Hallelujah!!!!

WWYD – The Answer

I’m typing the letter.  As prone as I am to agreeing that nothing will be done, I don’t think that I can, in good conscience, not say anything.  Apathy is what has allowed this madness to go on as long as it has.  I may not make a difference, but I will try.


Thanks everyone for all of your good wishes!  I am truly excited about my new position and the growth it will bring.

Now.  I’m going to need some group participation for my newest blog category:  What Would You Do?  So, if you’ve been lurking – and you know who you are – jump on in and help your girl out.

Our first WWYD? is:  Should I type a letter/memo detailing the wrong doings in my soon-to-be old department and send it on to HR or should I just let it be?  The letter would be crafted primarily because no one ever says anything about old boss’s behavior and she continues to get away with wrong.  My heart says yes – someone has to step up.  My head says no – my old coworkers are not going to “testify” against her if HR holds a meeting because they need their jobs and will fear retaliation (rightfully so!). 

So, WWYD?  Head over to the comments section and let me know.  I’ll let you know what I decide by the end of next week.

Thanks much.  Have a great weekend – be safe!


Mmmkay . . .

Y’all know I work(ed!) for one of the world’s craziest bosses.  I have been praying for – and applying for – jobs since my 90 day probationary period was over – two years ago.  Interviews, no offers – for two years.  “Thanks for your interest, but . . . ”

My pastor has been preaching on faith something serious lately AND telling us to live our lives with joy.

When I came back to work after the holidays, I typed up my letter of resignation – filled in all the details with the exception of the date.  I started compiling  a “how to” manual for whoever gets this position next.  I started acting like  I had a new job even though I didn’t have a prospect.

Lady called me, asked me to apply for a job.  That was last week.  Went back for a second interview with the department head yesterday.  Got the offer today.  Immediately said yes!  And then realized I didn’t even know how much the job pays.  More than my current one, thank you God.  Not enough to push us into a new tax bracket, but a raise is a raise, and I got one!

So . . . I will be the Education Administrator – working with residents and interns, keeping them on track – in the Surgery Department.  They don’t have a problem with my going to school, are willing to work with me on flex time, will sign off on educational leave AND they like their jobs.

I am blessed.