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WWYD – The Answer

I’m typing the letter.  As prone as I am to agreeing that nothing will be done, I don’t think that I can, in good conscience, not say anything.  Apathy is what has allowed this madness to go on as long as it has.  I may not make a difference, but I will try.


One thought on “WWYD – The Answer

  1. About ten years ago I was faced with a similar situation. Upon giving my two weeks notice I wrote a letter (e-mail) and sent it to the president and vice-president of our firm detailing the discrimination and practices within the department I worked in. By midday I was asked to leave without completing my two weeks. I did demand (and received) payment for those two weeks in addition to my accumulated leave and vacation because it was their decision, not mine to not let me work out my notice. So be prepared (and packed)!

    I don’t know if there were any changes but I felt better telling the truth. A former colleague left behind said that things seemed to be a little better for her and for that I was glad.

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