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Numbers Nerd Girl, Numbers

21.  The number of days I fasted.  From January 4 – January 25 I consumed no bread, no meat, no honey/sugar, no sweets.  The first two days were hard, the rest, not so bad.  Still haven’t had any meat, but I have had two of the best pieces of toast ever and a cup of coffee with sugar!  It’s the little things I tell ya!

5.  The number of days I have left in my current department.

31.5.  The number of teeth I am showing as I grin thinking about the previous statement.  I broke a tooth, otherwise, it’d be 32.

4.0.  My current GPA.  Don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain it throughout the program, but it sure is nice right now.

2.  The number of weeks I spent in “Wintersession.”  An accelerated semester,  we were in class every night for three and a half hours a night.  It was no joke.  I seriously thought about dropping out of the program.  I was so tired – I literally went a couple of days with no sleep.  But, it is over and only lends additional creedence to the fact that “this too shall pass.”

10.  The number of years it has taken me to realize that Smoochy really has no clue what good eating habits are.  We went to breakfast yesterday.  The man ordered two pieces of sausage, a piece of bacon, a bowl of grits, two hash brown potato casseroles and two biscuits and then looked up at me and said “see, I’m eating better.”  No honey, you’re not.

1,000,000.  The number of channels the D.ish Network seems to have.  And yet, there’s still nothing on.  We had it installed this weekend.

9.  The number of hours standing between me and the gym.  Thanks to that intersession, I haven’t been in two weeks and I’m ready to work it out!

10-12.  The pounds I estimate I lost during my fast. 

3.  The number of items that Lovegirl needs to have coordinate or else her life is just all messed up.  The girl came to me in tears last week because and I quote “Mama, my socks, panties and lipgloss don’t match!  I can’t go to sleep looking like this!”  That’s right y’all – my kid coordinates her underclothes to the lipgloss she insists on wearing to bed every night.  Such a DIVA!

Any numbers you’d like to share?  I hope that you had a great weekend and that you have a great week!  Have I mentioned this is my last week at this gig?  Hallelujah!!!!


10 thoughts on “Numbers Nerd Girl, Numbers

  1. 7. The number of hours spent on the highway this weekend.

    39. The number of hours spent child free with my honey.

    4. The number of personal leave hours I’ll have to take to pay for it.

    41. The number of dollars I’ll have to pay for boarding the dog so I could leave.

    Well worth it.

  2. 4- days left during my fast

    12-hours that we will be in church for all night prayer service on Friday night 7pm-7am

    0-chances that I will be awake that entire time at chuch

    25-number of people I counted in the conga line going around the sanctuary last year during all night prayer at 3am, lol

    99-percent chance that I will be leaving work early today because of the snow!

    This was fun, I hope you do it again!

  3. @ Pserendipity – I am jealous! 39 child free hours? Take me to your leader! Hope you and T had a good weekend.

    @ Therapeutic Musings – Conga line? My church needs to step it up a notch – and we “party” hard! Enjoy your time off – glad you liked this entry.

  4. 14. The number of days I’ve been on my detox diet.
    7. The number of pounds I’ve lost as a result.
    15. The number of hours spent traveling to and from DC to witness the inauguration.
    5. The number of days of school my children missed in order to witness history and the number of jet-lagged, sleepless nights I’ve endured since my return.

  5. @ Stillirise – What kind of detox diet are you on? I’ve been tempted, but have never done one. I would’ve given my left big toe to go to the inauguration! I can only imagine how awesome an experience it was.

  6. I’m doing the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith. There are 4 Phases to the diet and the first is detox. It’s actually only supposed to go 9 days, but I was in DC for a week and while I still was very careful about what I eat, I decided to start it again when I got home. If you’re interested in more about my Inaugural adventure, check out my blog mswoodenshoes.blogspot.com.

  7. @pserendipity. I want some meat so bad right now I could really hurt somebody. But I’m determined to stay on Phase I until Sunday.

  8. 21 day fast? that is awesome. i’m struggling and the only thing i have cut out is chocolate. thanks for being inspiring.

  9. I love your child! I imagine that when I have a daughter she’ll be just like that. Matching her underwear to her lipgloss to go to bed. Oh… I love it!

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