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I’ve Got Nothing

Hope y’all weren’t waiting on pins and needles.  Lunch was . . .  nice.  That’s right, nice.  No drama, no neck rolling, no unpleasantries at all.  We went to a little pizza place around the corner.  Ordered.  Had nice conversation, a few laughs, a few remember whens.  And 2 hours later, we’re back in the office.

The End.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing

  1. I’m not believin’ you… I think you really left her nailed to the ladies room wall and her family has already sent out a search party trying to find her since she hasn’t made it home yet!

    All jokes aside… I’m happy to hear it was uneventful.

  2. @Stillirise – Guess you’re right. It was freakishly pleasant. “None” to be found anywhere!

    @Dmac – ah, if only that were true!

    @Mango Mama – Your scenario was the way it played out in my mind. I was just waiting for something, anything and I was going to pounce! But no bodily harm was done – that’s my story and I’m sticking with it 🙂

    @TIH – I already know!!!

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