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That Darn Lovegirl

Lovegirl:  Mama, what’s the name of the song that’s on the radio?
Nerd Girl:  I don’t know.
Lovegirl: Because you’re not important?
Nerd Girl:  (Well damn, how’d she figure that out)  Well honey, we’re all important in our own special way.
Lovegirl:  Yeah, but not like God is important.  He knows everything.  You’re not important like God is important.
Nerd Girl:  Do you mean omnipotent?
Lovegirl:  Yeah, omnipotent.  God is omnipotent – He knows everything! And you don’t.

The joys of having a child who attends a Christian school never cease to amaze me.


Lovegirl:  Mama, can you look in my pants pocket and take out the piece of purple candy that’s in there?
Nerd Girl:  Go to sleep.  Yes, I’ll take the candy out.  Where did you get candy?
Lovegirl:  From school.  I got it for being disobedient.
Nerd Girl: What?  You got candy for being disobedient?
Lovegirl:  Yep.  I was disobedient and then I looked really sad and said “I’m soooo sorry.”  And I got a piece of candy.  I was so happy Mama!

Who is the inexperienced teacher that fell for that?


Nerd Girl:  Have a good day at school little girl.
Lovegirl:  Mama, we’d better pray about that.
Nerd Girl: Why?  We prayed about your being obedient and making good choices last night.
Lovegirl:  Yeah, but we’d better pray again – I’m not sure once is enough!

I can’t say she didn’t warn me . . .


One thought on “That Darn Lovegirl

  1. I’m incredibly late but congrats on the new job! I pray that you have a wonderful and proserous career ahead in your new position.

    Lovegirl is 4 going on 14- she’s just so smart!

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