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Random Love on a Friday Afternoon

  • I love my friends.  However, the one that just told me she thought she could supply the food for her kid’s birthday party at the pizza/game place instead of buying their food because of her food/germ issues?  CRAZY!  What about that even sounds right?
  • I love my sister in law.  She called last night and asked if Lovegirl could spend the night tonight.  Hell yes she can!  I don’t even know what to do with a free evening all to myself!  I do know that I will not – no matter how strong the temptation – spend it cleaning or studying!  Anybody got a good movie recommendation?
  • I love Anthony Hamilton.  I just bought his latest CD and am definitely feeling most of the songs on there.  He reminds me a lot of Bill Withers.  And I love me some Bill Withers!
  • I love my new job.  I miss my peeps downstairs and this department could definitely use more . . . melanin,  but I love being here.  I’m excited to do something new and am really looking forward to working with students again.
  • I love the fact that it is Friday! 

Hope you have  a great weekend and that you get the chance to do something you love with someone you love.


I LOVE this song! (The video, not so much)  Enjoy!


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