WWYD – Facebook Edition



Alright y’all – I need advice.  I joined Facebook a few months ago and like everybody else, quickly became addicted.  I’ve found a few old buddies from high school, reconnected with some college pals and keep in touch with a few more relatives than I did before Facebook.  It was all good.

Until.  My boss sent me a friend request.  Why?  I just started working for this lady in February.  We’re not cool like that.  I mean, she’s fine as bosses go – way better than my ex-boss-from-hell, but I don’t want her reading crazy exchanges between me and . . . anybody.

I’ve ignored the request since I got it on Saturday.  But I’m thinking it is rude to continue to ignore it which is the advice I’ve gotten from most people.

Can I just tell her – “look, I’d rather keep my personal and professional life separate and I’m not comfortable friending you on FB?”  Is that rude?  No one I’ve talked to seems to think this is the way to go.  My mom and brothers were like friend her, and don’t ever go on FB again.   Others have said ignore her request.  Care to add your two cents to the mix?  Please, head on over to the comments and let me know what you’d do if you were in my shoes.

Gracias in advance!


Happy Monday!

Consider yourself warned:  I’m going to post about the 100 pushup challenge every Monday morning.

I pretested on Saturday and knocked out 17 pushups before my form got funky.  So this morning, I pulled out the little guide and started with week one, day one, column three.  I did a total of 46 pushups this morning – 10, 12, 7, 7, 10.

Don’t forget to start today and please keep us all posted on your progress. We can do this!  Should I tell y’all now that the 200 sit-up challenge is next on “our” to do list?  🙂

On a totally different note:  They asked me to work in the nursery on Sunday – when I walked through the church doors thinking I was headed to service.  I said yes.  Funniest moment of the morning:  a little boy asked another little boy if he could use the red marker.  Little dude said no.  The other kid told him that wasn’t nice, he was supposed to share.  Little dude told him no again.  Other kid said “you know you’re going to hell for that right?”  I thought I would die laughing! 

Make it a great day!

What the hell?

Pserendipity  has blogged before about the director at the school our children attend and her . . . grammar issues.

I have put anonymous suggestions in the suggestion box about using spell and grammar check.

And yet, this is the email I received today:

“If the children are ready and has been enrolled in K4 for a full year, they are edgible for K5.  The fees have not yet been finialized, I will have the information soon and will send via email. ”


Friday Morning Randomness

  • My youngest brother has kinda pissed me off.  Dude, really.  We don’t dislike your wife.   You’ve taken “leave and cleave” to a whole ‘nother level.  Quit trippin’!
  • I’m hungry.  Carrots and humus anyone?
  • I went to fake Sephora yesterday (inside the JCPenney store) and was pleasantly surprised.  They have the LaVanila roll-on perfumes!  The Pure Vanilla  and Coconut Vanilla are my favorites so I scooped a few because I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else and thought they’d been discontinued.  Whoo hoo!  I was hoping to score some Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey – my cousin told me it would help retain some moisture in my hair which has been super dry lately.  They didn’t have any in stock – maybe next time.
  •  R.ickey Smiley sure was doing some boo-hooing over T.I.’s going to prison.  I was surprised at how emotional he was – did anybody else hear that this morning?
  • Speaking of prison – my young, female cousin has been locked up (in jail) for almost 3 years while the prosecution built their case.  Turns out, they didn’t have one.  Her boyfriend asked her for a ride to someone’s house.  She took him.  He killed two or three people.  She didn’t know that’s why he was going or that’s what he did.  She was arrested for murder.  They’re finally letting her out next week.  I don’t think her full ride academic scholarship is going to be waiting on her when she gets home.  Damn shame.  And it doesn’t seem like she’ll get anything more from the county than a “our bad.”  Unbelievable. 
  • I’m looking forward to the weekend.  I have a few plans for Saturday night, but that’s all – and I hope it stays that way.
  • My husband was home yesterday while Lovegirl and I were at school and work.  Know how I know?  A pack of N.utty Buddies in the cabinet and a loaf of white bread on the counter.  Dude, really? 
  • I really don’t like it when people remark on my eating habits.  “Oh, you don’t eat beef.  You don’t eat pork.  Girl, aint no way.”  Okay then, move along.  Guess my husband wants to tell me the same thing!  🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Be safe.  Stay blessed.  Holla!

100 in 6!


Alright y’all!  For everybody who is taking the 100 pushup challenge,  don’t forget to visit the website for details, your weekly guides, etc.  We’re starting on Monday, so you should “pre-test” on Fri or Sat to give yourself a chance to rest before the challenge begins.  Good luck to all – see you at the finish in 6 weeks – stronger and fitter! By May 11, we should all be able to knock out 100.

All pushups count – full body, girl, knuckle, and even those done on the wall.  Get in where you fit in!



Found the 100 push-up challenge while “working” this morning.  I’m starting next week – Monday.  Anybody else in????


**Edited to add:  I can do some pushups.  Maybe 15 “girl” pushups before I collapse.  I am going to do the challenge twice.  First time through – girl pushups.  Second go round – full body pushups.

Can U Dig It?





I try to make sure that on most days my family gets well balanced, healthy meals. That generally means a variety of the freshest foods I can buy. I try to steer clear of canned and/or overly processed foods.

I do, however, keep a pretty well stocked pantry with what I consider essentials – pastas, beans, tomatoes, grains, etc. I keep these for daily use as well as for “emergency” situations like Katrina.

Well, one of my goals for the next few weeks is to use up some of the cans and bags that have been in my pantry for a while so that I can re-stock with fresher goods. In addition to using up this stuff before it expires, I’ll be saving dough on the grocery bill by shopping my own kitchen.

Tonight’s dinner? Nothing fancy, but it will be tasty and healthy. Black beans over couscous, canned corn, and a spinach salad. Yum!

Do you keep a well stocked pantry? What are your essentials? How often do you do a clean sweep?