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Numbers, Nerd Girl Style

25 gazillion – The number of times I wanted to kick my own ass for walking off and leaving my purse on the counter at K.ohls.  Where it was promptly stolen.

79 gazillion – The number of times I thanked God that all they did was buy $31 worth of gas!

6 – The number of dollars it takes to replace one’s driver’s license.

4 – The number of women who weren’t wearing bras at the DMV.  Waaaaay TMI!

2 – The number of times I re-read an issue of R.eal S.imple I had in the backseat of the car while waiting  for them to call my number @ the DMv.

0 – The number of places willing to take those bogus a$@ temporary checks the bank issued me yesterday.  I was just trying to buy a new wallet . . .

 7 – The number of charms on my charm bracelet.  Which was in my purse.  Which I probably will never get back.  This saddens me beyond belief.

3 – The number of immediate positives of this situation.  I get a chance to start over with a balanced checkbook, I get to buy a new purse and wallet, I get to buy new lipglosses!

12ish – The number of times my Mama said “girl, I told you to stop carrying those little bitty purses!  You need something with some weight so you’ll know when it isn’t there.”

100ish – The number of times my Mama asked me if I was sure I didn’t need any money to make it through to pay day.  (Thanks Ma, but I don’t carry my whole check around in my purse!  Heck, they may have gotten 65 cents.   Nerd Girl doesn’t do cash!)

Any numbers you’d like to share? 

Have yourself a great weekend!  If I can get my allergies under control, Lovegirl and I will be at the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday – if you’re in town – join us!!


9 thoughts on “Numbers, Nerd Girl Style

  1. We’ll be in town, and we were planning to head out to the parade. But Aidan’s Daaddy will be here, so he might shun you. Oh, or he might kiss you! LOL

  2. Times must be hard if they stole a purse to buy gas! Oh my!!

    60-more minutes I have to do to reach my cardio goal for the week

    2-miles around the lake that we will be walking around tonight.

    1.5-hours until I get off work!

    15-bags of meat in our freezer from my stock up shopping trip yesterday.

    4-the number of women missing vital teeth (as in front teeth) in this office

  3. Sorry to hear about your purse being stolen. How long did it take you to realize you had forgotten it?

    75-the number of dollars that it took to pay for my wheel alignment today

    86-the number of years my dear sweet neighbor lived before she passed away last week. Her funeral was today.

    4-the number of mini-chocolate chip cookies I am about to eat. 🙂

  4. @ TM – 15 bags?? Girl, you did it! I am so mad that there are 4 women missing parts of their grill – y’all don’t have dental??

    @ AR Gal – boo to the 75! Yay for the 86 – there is something to be said for a life well lived. 4 cookies? You’ve got awesome self control. (Do you live in C’way? Have you said that on your blog, or have I guessed up on that??)

    Y’all – I got a call from K.ohl’s security at work on Friday. He reviewed their security tape. Ummm, I left K.ohl’s with my purse on my arm. But someone used my card Thursday morning. I would’ve sworn I left K.ohl’s and went straight home. Where did I lose my stankin’ purse? I’m getting old . . .

  5. Ack- I’m still stuck on the purse getting left, definitely one of my biggest nightmares! Woah and now they are saying you left with it on your arm? Very strange. Glad you were able to work it on out 🙂

  6. @Nerdgirl, I sure hope you have a post this week saying you forgot you went to the gas station and that Lovegirl has been taking your purse to school! We do have dental, I’m a contractor so they don’t work for my company, but their benefits are wayyyyyy better than mine, they’re gov’ment, lol. I guess they don’t think teeth are essential to life!

  7. Self control = me not wanting my britches too tight. I hate that. I guess I should have done Tae-Bo today…oh well..

    Yes I live in “The “Way”. I don’t know if I’ve ever said it on the blog though so I guess you guessed. 🙂

    Hmmmm, I think security took it! lol j/k

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