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Found the 100 push-up challenge while “working” this morning.  I’m starting next week – Monday.  Anybody else in????


**Edited to add:  I can do some pushups.  Maybe 15 “girl” pushups before I collapse.  I am going to do the challenge twice.  First time through – girl pushups.  Second go round – full body pushups.


9 thoughts on “Challenge!

  1. Well I can’t do one push up (my arms are probably the same size as Lovegirl, lol). I think I’ll try and see if my hubby wants to do this. He does some push ups at night as I stand over him hollering that he needs to do more. Maybe I’ll give him a little feature on my blog about it, and by feature, I mean 2 sentences a week!

  2. TM – Don’t try and put this off on The Count – come on with it!

    Mswoodenshoes – I’m going to do the girl pushups. And then try it again with a full pushup the next go round.

  3. I love it. I’ve been planning on doing something with my arms and this is pretty cool to have a action plan. I did the initial test and was able to do 21 in one swoop…no girl pushup (probably because I’ve always done push up from my military days). I will start on Monday with week 1.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Fantastic. I have been working out sporadically over the last few weeks (kids have been sick, I got sick, around and around we go), but pushups I can definitely do. I’ll try the initial test and let you know. Generally, I can do only a handful of regular pushups and that’s only thanks to leftover upper body strength from yoga. But I can do somewhere between 25 and 30 modified pushups. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and do the challenge twice.

    Thanks! This will be great!

  5. I’m in!!!!!!! stumbled across the challenge a few months ago and did it for a week LOL anyway, I’m doing it twice as well; girl pushups this first time around

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