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What the hell?

Pserendipity  has blogged before about the director at the school our children attend and her . . . grammar issues.

I have put anonymous suggestions in the suggestion box about using spell and grammar check.

And yet, this is the email I received today:

“If the children are ready and has been enrolled in K4 for a full year, they are edgible for K5.  The fees have not yet been finialized, I will have the information soon and will send via email. ”



4 thoughts on “What the hell?

  1. I cannot tell I lie, I cracked the hell up when I first read this.

    I know good and damn well there was a plethora of red squiggly lines under those misspelled words that she saw prior to clicking the send button. lol

  2. Sorry, I laughed too. But that is the kind of thing that makes me nuts. You’re supposed to entrust your child’s education to her? She needs to get herself together.

    Maybe you should print out the email and mark it up with red pen.

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