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Happy Monday!

Consider yourself warned:  I’m going to post about the 100 pushup challenge every Monday morning.

I pretested on Saturday and knocked out 17 pushups before my form got funky.  So this morning, I pulled out the little guide and started with week one, day one, column three.  I did a total of 46 pushups this morning – 10, 12, 7, 7, 10.

Don’t forget to start today and please keep us all posted on your progress. We can do this!  Should I tell y’all now that the 200 sit-up challenge is next on “our” to do list?  🙂

On a totally different note:  They asked me to work in the nursery on Sunday – when I walked through the church doors thinking I was headed to service.  I said yes.  Funniest moment of the morning:  a little boy asked another little boy if he could use the red marker.  Little dude said no.  The other kid told him that wasn’t nice, he was supposed to share.  Little dude told him no again.  Other kid said “you know you’re going to hell for that right?”  I thought I would die laughing! 

Make it a great day!


5 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. @ TM – Yay! The sit up challenge just seems more do-able, but I’m committed to getting my arms right too. Fun isn’t the adjective I’d use to describe nursery duty!

  2. Ms. Woodenshoes – Good job! The Obamas are just an all around inspiration – I think of her “guns” every time I think I can’t go another minute in the gym. Keep it up. I’m anxious to see/hear everyone’s results at the end of this.

  3. Sit ups? WhAT??? I don’t know if I’m down with that. 🙂

    I screwed up and didn’t read the instructions properly, so I’m doing mine over. I did 25 yesterday morning (my pre-test was 22), so I’m starting at week 3, column 2 today to catch up. Leave it to me to screw up something that basic!

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