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WWYD – Facebook Edition



Alright y’all – I need advice.  I joined Facebook a few months ago and like everybody else, quickly became addicted.  I’ve found a few old buddies from high school, reconnected with some college pals and keep in touch with a few more relatives than I did before Facebook.  It was all good.

Until.  My boss sent me a friend request.  Why?  I just started working for this lady in February.  We’re not cool like that.  I mean, she’s fine as bosses go – way better than my ex-boss-from-hell, but I don’t want her reading crazy exchanges between me and . . . anybody.

I’ve ignored the request since I got it on Saturday.  But I’m thinking it is rude to continue to ignore it which is the advice I’ve gotten from most people.

Can I just tell her – “look, I’d rather keep my personal and professional life separate and I’m not comfortable friending you on FB?”  Is that rude?  No one I’ve talked to seems to think this is the way to go.  My mom and brothers were like friend her, and don’t ever go on FB again.   Others have said ignore her request.  Care to add your two cents to the mix?  Please, head on over to the comments and let me know what you’d do if you were in my shoes.

Gracias in advance!


11 thoughts on “WWYD – Facebook Edition

  1. My boss just asked me to follow him on Twitter..huh???? I feel you. I’m facing a social media dilemma.

    However, I have added some co-workers on FB, BUT I created a limited friends list and restricted their access. The only thing they can see is my Profile Info page. Boring I know–but that’s the whole purpose. They cannot see my status updates, my wall, comments I make, my photo albums or pics or videos tagged of me. It’s easier than saying No and it keeps them out of your business. It’s fairly easy to change the privacy settings based on what info you want to share.

  2. Oh yeah! I’m with non-superwoman. The limited friends is definitely the way to go on this one. I have an email or two on how to do it that I’ll send you. If I can find them.

  3. I am fairly new to Facebook too, and I am glad to know this is an option! That way you don’t have to diss the boss, and if you do get to a point where you feel more comfortable later, you can always move her to your “real” friends list.

  4. Ok, you can’t tell your boss that you can’t be friends, because that would make it like you have something to hide. What you can do is 1) add him or her to a special list of people that can only see certain things. All my co-workers are on my limited profile list and I’ve set it up so they can’t see my status updates, my wall or my photos. They can see my profile pic and school and work info (and I don’t keep work info on fb).

    2) change your privacy settings so only people who are already your friends can search for you. This may seem counterproductive, but it’s so helpful. Trust me, if there’s someone you want to find on fb, you can just add them as a friend. They don’t have to add you.

  5. Ok, so definitely pro. life and personal life shouldn’t mix to the level where your boss is all up in your business. That is a no-no.

    1st cent – check out jameil’s idea

    2nd cent- kindly tell her you think it’s better to keep the two (lives) separate.

  6. Thanks y’all! I have made myself an Office Friends list and plan to put it to good use. Jameil – thank you so much for the link – it was great and helped me do exactly what I needed to! I still don’t know why this chick wants to be my FB friend. Oh well!

  7. I’m with the others that have said to accept the friend invite, but limit the information the boss has access to.

    I’m addicted to the facebook games and somehow I wound up friending these people I don’t know for the games, so instead of deleting them once they joined my game forces, I just limited them to just the basic information.

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