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Holding On

  • Anybody out there still working on the 100 pushup challenge?  I did my sets this morning – not sure I’m feeling significantly stronger at this point.  Guess I am though – the first two sets came easier today than they did last week, but the last set taxed me so much that I had to break it into two sets – one of 10, one of six.  So this morning I did 14+14+10+10+16=64 pushups!  Will I really be able to do 100 consecutive pushups in the next month?  Will you?  Only time will tell!
  • My best friend from high school contacted me recently and we spoke on the phone last night for almost an hour, catching up.  It’s funny how my mind has held on to an “ideal” of how our conversation would go if we ever talked again.  (We haven’t spoken in 8, maybe 9 years – I think she was upset I got married, not really sure. )  Anyhoo, the conversation in reality was nowhere near as …grand and dramatic as I thought it would be.  I guess catch up with someone who knew me best 20 years ago isn’t as big a deal as I would’ve imagined.  Oh well.  I’m sure we’ll stay in touch, though there’s only so much reminiscing about doing the Roger Rabbit during an all school assembly or my gay – yes, gay – Sadie Hawkin’s date  that I can handle.
  • My child would love to hold on to every toy she’s ever had the pleasure of owning.  As a matter of fact, she still has a rattle from her days as a wee one in her possession.  The girl doesn’t like to get rid of anything.  I, however, do.  I spent a good portion of this weekend throwing away those toys which have been played with until they fell apart and putting those she’s outgrown in the Goodwill bag.  I’ve got to go through her closet this weekend and do the same with her clothes.  Some will go to Goodwill, others to a lady I know from Africa who ships warm-weather clothes home to her village once or twice a year, and a few select goodies will go to my friend who has  a daughter a few years younger than Lovegirl.

Anything you’re holding on to?


4 thoughts on “Holding On

  1. Okay, yes – I am still doing the 100 pushups challenge, but I switched from Week 3, Column 2 to Week 3, Column 1. I am doing my pushups in the evening, so tonight after work I will be doing my second week. Trying to figure out if I should do Week 3, Column 2 over, or just switch to Week 4, Column 1. (Anyone who is not doing the challenge just fell asleep reading this, I am sure.) I guess I’ll move on to Week 4. Last count was 11+13+9+9+18=50. I think I can do better now that my muscles are acclimating.

    Viva’s birthday was this past week and yesterday I went on an absolute insane frenzy of trying to weed through the toys in her room. I made the mistake of piling the “giveaways” in the hall because I was too tired to deal. This morning she said, “Mama, I still do like to play with my Bingo…” I have a feeling every single game or toy is going to end up back in her room! AAAAGGGGH!

  2. Edited to clarify the correlation between the birthday and the “weeding out”: the toys from the birthday put us at the tipping point where it just looked like ToysRUs had exploded in her room so I felt compelled to get rid of stuff.

  3. Soooo about the pushups. I almost broke my darn wrist which made TheCount hover above me and bark I’m not doing it right, which made me mad, and made me give up. But you knew that was coming, didn’t you? Like I said before, I’m all over that sit up challenge 🙂 let me know when this six weeks is up!

  4. I have been trying to do the 100 “pushup” challenge, but I am just starting to work out much less do that. LOL!!

    Monday, I did a total of ONE correct pushup! LOL!! However by the end of the week, I did FOUR. LOL!! I am going to hang in there. I can at least try.

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