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Caffeinated Randoms


  • I  got up this morning, ironed/folded a basket of laundry, partially loaded the dishwasher, packed my girl’s lunch and did 81 pushups.  All before 530 a.m.
  • Got to work this morning, had a cup of caffeinated coffee and have done all of my work – before 10 a.m.
  • One of the residents told me I look “never had a baby” good!  Yep, pretty much gonna be struttin’ around all day behind that one.
  • Wednesday some dude found it necessary to roll down his window and holler “you betta rip that runway girl” at me as I was crossing the street after work.  I grinned and waved like my name was Tyra!
  • I don’t cook a special Easter dinner.  Do you?  What do you cook?
  • I’m thinking about moving Lovegirl to a new school next year.  Somewhere between not knowing who her teacher will be next year (and being told I could meet her at Open House – umm, no.  I will have paid registration, bought uniforms, etc. by then) and the continued grammatical errors from the Director, I am going to lose it.  I hate to move her because she really loves her school and has learned a lot.  I just don’t know if she’s learned enough.  If they could just guarantee me that she’ll know how to read by the end of next academic year…
  • I still don’t know where my purse is.  But baby, they have put an officer on my case who I shall forever refer to as B.arney F.ife.  This dude calls me every other day to update me on my case and tell me that he’s scanned the pawnshop database looking for my charm bracelet.  He is on it!  Not that he’s found out anything…
  • Since my little makeup bag is wherever my purse is, I had to buy new lipglosses.  I’ve bought three – two from S.ephora, one from Iman.  They’re all pretty much the same pinkish brown shade.  So much for variety.
  • Does anybody watch Housewives of NYC?  Man, this show is my guilty pleasure for real.  Those chicks (and Simon) are a trip!  I don’t know what poor LuAnn is going to do now that her husband’s left her and she will no longer be a Countess!  Did you see the episode where she was explaining her title to those little girls at the Boys and Girls Club?  I almost fell out of the bed laughing at the bored epxressions on their faces!

Alright, I’m procrastinating – I need to post some material for my online class and do some reading for my in-class class.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys time with their families.

Happy Resurrection Sunday – be blessed!


6 thoughts on “Caffeinated Randoms

  1. I am over cracking up that a male told you to rip the runway. lol lol

    I’m not cooking an Easter dinner nor do I plan one. Since my mom is here we will be going out to eat but if she wasn’t it would be business as usual in the kitchen over here.

    Good to know the officer is working on your case. I hope they find the culprit soon!!

  2. I’ve missed the housewives the last two weeks, but I’m sure I’ll get caught up on the drama one Saturday during a marathon.

    I just cooked a regular dinner for us and the 4 kids. Yeah, ask me about that one later.

    And randomly, Neutrogena has this lip gloss that is really chapstick. It is da.bomb.

  3. Inner Diva – Why don’t I find that hard to believe? I still cannot break my Housewives habit. Trashy TV at its finest!

    ARGal – I wanted to holler something witty at him, but I was so amused that all I could do was grin and wave. I’m with you – what man shouts that out??

    P – You’ve got me intrigued about your whole trip. I think I left my cell phone at home, otherwise I’d be a textin’ fool today. Hmm, I’m going to give that Neutrogena a try. If I can remember…

  4. I’m late. Happy Belated Easter to you. The good news is still good news. AMEN!

    I’m LOL @ Barney Fife. Seriously at my desk looking around to makes sure no one noticed me laughing. Hilarity. At least he’s on it. I feel like if someone stole my purse in Chicago, the police department wouldn’t even attempt to get it back.

    I don’t cook any dinner, let alone Easter… but my mother always cooks on holidays. She does Ham, Potato Salad and Mac & Cheese generally. This year she did Roasted Potatoes instead of Potato Salad. AND Caramel Cake (from the local bakery that delivers to the local grocery store that tastes JUST like homemade). We don’t bake. LOL!

    Work it out Ms. Tyra with your looks like you never had a baby looking self. 🙂

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