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Praise Ye The Lord

Lovegirl attends a Christian preschool.  It is very important to me that she have a firm foundation.  My Dad didn’t become a Christian until I was about 12, maybe 13.  He didn’t allow us to go to church growing up – he didn’t mind my Mother going, but he didn’t want us “exposed.”  Sometimes I think my faith would be stronger if I’d been raised in the church.  Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for my favorite daughter.

Last night we were in K.ohls.  I am in desperate need of clothes.  So, for that matter, is Lovegirl.  So I’m in the children’s section trying to figure out what size she wears  now that she’s out of toddlers and into the big girl sizes.  I notice she’s gotten quiet.  Trust, if you know Lovegirl, she is never quiet.  Unless she’s sleep.

So I look around and notice my child rolling around on the floor, flapping her arms around.  What!?!  I am about to snap!

Nerd Girl:  “Lovegirl, what are you doing?  Get up off of that floor!  What is wrong with you?”

Lovegirl:  “Mama, I’m praise dancing.”

Nerd Girl: hmm, she is kneeling more than rolling, and her arms are moving gracefully and not flailing around, and she seems to be singing some sort of hymn…”Lovegirl, get up.  Now is not the time or the place do praise dance.  Who taught you how to praise dance anyway?  Get up!”

Lovegirl:  “Oh, this is a routine that Littleschoolfriend and I have been working on.  And Mama?”

Nerd Girl:  “Yes?”

Lovegirl:  “It’s always the right time and place to praise God.”

She. Kills. Me.  But, she’s right.


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