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Rate My Room

Okay, really, I don’t want you to rate it.  I’m just letting you know what I plan on working on over the next few weeks while on my mini break from school.

I don’t believe in unused rooms in a home.  I say if you’re paying for the space – use it.  When we bought this house it was listed as having a dining room.  Well, we’re not really dining room type people – we’re pretty casual and we take our meals in the breakfast nook.  So I decided to use the dining room as a library/office instead.  We get plenty of use out of the room this way.

The office is currently a putty-gray color with a floral border.  Yuck.  So, I plan on warming up the walls with the same tan paint that’s in our entry-way, hanging a few pictures on the short wall, buying a few new pillows for the couch, etc., etc.  I’m hoping Smoochy will hang a few floating shelves for me too.  I’m thinking this room will look considerably better with a little elbow grease and less than $40 worth of paint.

Behold, the before (scroll over pics for my “commentary”) :

Computer Hutch


I would like to place the floating shelves over the couch and move the pics/tchotchkes to the shelves

Lovegirl's desk.  I would eventually like to get some nice wood, Roman Shades for the windows.
Three pictures that I found in the hospital gift shop of all places.  I plan on hanging them on the short wall.
Short wall where I plan to hang the three pictures above. And Lovegirl's forehead ...
Stay tuned for the after.

7 thoughts on “Rate My Room

  1. I definitely applaud you for doing some home decor. LoveGirl does not look impressed though. And I do like the variation pictures.

    • We’ll see how long this enthusiasm of mine to get the room done lasts. My girl was definitely not impressed – she was pouting because I was taking too long on “her computer!”

  2. it’s amazing the difference you can make with a can of paint. i can’t wait to see the “after”

    • If I mess around and do a good job on this room, I’m tackling the guest bedroom next. I saw a picture yesterday of a room I’m going to try to replicate. Apple green, black, and white – so pretty!

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