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Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday!  I’m having a bit of a time getting myself down to business this morning, so I thought I’d re-cap my weekend and then be about my day’s work.

Friday – Pserendipity, my friend T, and I gathered up our kiddos and headed out to the Reservoir for Pepsi Pops.  As the sounds of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra played in the background, we enjoyed our picnic dinners and conversation.  The kids ran around and had an all-around good time.  I love Pops and was glad to be able to make it out this year.  If you’re in town this time next year – join us!

Saturday – Lovegirl woke up at the crack of dawn ready to go to the “festibal” our church was having for the short people.  After convincing her that the festival was not taking place at 6 in the a.m., we lazed around the house and finally headed to the church around 11.  She played on the waterslide, she bounced herself silly in the spacejump and gorged herself on cotton candy, popcorn, and gumballs.  We headed home around 2, and took much-needed naps.  By the time we woke up, Smoochy was home.  I took advantage of his presence by leaving!  I made my way to the bookstore to participate in one of my favorite “me time” activities – flipping through magazines while sipping on an overpriced, caffeinated beverage.  I went home a few hours later and was presented with my Mother’s Day present – a new cell phone!  I am so stoked to be the proud owner of a phone with a QWERTY keyboard – I am such a texting fool!  Lovegirl, however, was not pleased.  She told Smoochy that the phone was not from both of them because she didn’t help pick it out and had never seen it before.  She told him that she needed to get dressed so he could take her to the store where she could pick out something for her Mama!  He assured her that they would go to the store in the morning, after church.

Sunday – We didn’t make it to church.  I overslept.  After fixing breakfast for the crew, they headed out and picked up some tulips to complete my Mother’s Day gifts.  Thank goodness my child knows what some of my favorite flowers are – my dear husband had no clue.  Apparently she kept telling him to get the tulips, he kept grabbing for roses and she said “no Daddy, the tulips.”  I am so not a rose girl . . . We spent the rest of the afternoon chillaxing – Smoochy cooked dinner while I washed and re-twisted my hair and Lovegirl watched more N.oggin than should be allowed by law.  After Smoochy headed to work and Lovegirl was in bed, I watched “The Namesake” on HBO.  Pretty good little movie about a young Bengali man struggling to live in two cultures. 

And that, is a wrap.  I’m back in the gym this week after two weeks of being MIA thanks to my allergies and the end of the semester.  I’ve chunked the 100-pushup challenge the deuces.  I’m so over it.   I maxed out at 130 (not continuous) and still do a number of pushups everdy day.   I’ll start the sit-up challenge this week. 

Did you have a good weekend?  What’d you do?  Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Pops was indeed delightful. I posted about it today. I still must send you the picture of the praise dance. I looked at it last night and laughed.

    I can’t believe you didn’t get the $799 purse for Mother’s Day!! 🙂

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