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Look at that girl…


…with them Daisy Dukes on!

Or not.  My kid is four.  Four.  And she is not in training for any type of profession that involves a stripper pole, clear heels or a pushup bra.  Why then is it so hard to find shorts in her size that have more than a 2 inch inseam?

I just don’t think all these risque, glittery, ho-ish type clothes are a good look.  On anyone.  Certainly not the child I am raising.  Looks like she’ll be wearing the same two pair of Bermuda shorts from Tarjhay all summer long.  Again.

(I think I write this same post every summer.  I’m going to need some children’s clothing designers to swing by and take note…)


15 thoughts on “Look at that girl…

  1. You can’t find anything long enough that at least reaches mid thigh or at the knees? Gap/Old Navy/JCrew? I saw hit the walmart for the boys section and get non-sex determining clothing. I”m not kidding, my mom had me in boys clothes until was 7 because they were durable.

    • I haven’t tried Old Navy yet and will go by there this evening. Gap and J Crew are way outside of my price range for Lovegirl’s duds.

      I’m definitely going to check out the boy’s section – great tip! Thank you.

    • You know, I always “forget” about Children’s Place. I’ve gotten her dresses from there before, but never shorts. I guess I’ll swing by there too – they’re in the same shopping plaza at Old Navy. Thanks! Have I mentioned how much I love your avatar? Cracks me up every time I see it!!!

  2. Well, I have read your blog a few times but this made me comment. I have a four year old daughter too and have a hard time finding shorts for her. So, if you see something please post it and I’ll comment here if I do too. By the way, I looked at Old Navy but couldn’t find anything there either.

    • Thanks for commenting. I visit your spot too.

      So far, I’ve purchased two pairs of bermuda shorts from Target (brown and pink – that’s all they had) and some scooters and capris from Kohls. I will probably go back to Kohls and stock up on more scooters and capris if I can’t find any shorts at Old Navy or Children’s Place. Keep me posted and I’ll do the same!

  3. I have the same problem and I’m 21 years older than Lovegirl! I was able to find some good shorts at Macy’s because they had “surfer girl” type clothes and those shorts were longer. Old Navy has tons of Bermuda shorts on sale for girls right now online (as in right this very second, I just checked). I don’t know what’s in the stores, but I see a lot of pattern variety online.

    • LOL – you crack me up! I visited Old Navy’s website, and saw all those Bermuda shorts. Many thanks to you and Skywalkter, I’m headed over there after work and before Bible study. If they don’t have them in store, I’m going to place an order tomorrow.

  4. Nerd Girl, I hate to say it but I bought some jersey shorts from Children’s Place and although Viva loves them, I am reluctant to let her wear them outside. Thank God I only bought one pair. I also bought some longer shorts at Children’s Place and they seem to be okay. Maybe I will buy her boy’s shorts as Skywalker suggested…

    If only she would wear skirts – but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish!

    • Trust me, Lovegirl has a few pairs of only-around-the-house shorts too! Do try Old Navy, I’m pleased with what I saw earlier.

      Lovegirl would wear a skirt or dress every day if I let her. Not so much for Viva? Maybe Cily will be your girly girl (watch out if so!) 🙂

  5. chile. i don’t even have children and i’ve noticed the cacophony of hotmessness that is girls’ clothing. i think it gets worse as she gets older. limited too? no ma’am.

  6. NG, if you order her clothes online at Target.com you will note they have a wider selection merchandise than in the stores. Same for WalMart. The amount you spend on shipping is the amount of gas you would spend.

    • Thanks TIH! I think a lot of parents must have the same concerns because I am having a hard time finding longer shorts in her size in the stores – but plenty of itty bitty shorts are to be found. I’m definitely doing a little online shopping today – on company authorized breaks of course : )

      I’ve got to get on the ball or she’s going to be good and nekkid this summer!

      Thanks all!

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