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Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News!

10 brownie points if you can identify the source of that song.

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope that you had a lovely weekend – I know I did.  What did I do?  Nothing!  And I enjoyed all 48 hours of pure, unadulterated nothingness.  Sometimes – like EPMD said – you gots to chill.

Looks like this is my week to start my study re-do.  It rained on and off all last week and I’ve always been under the impression that you don’t paint when it rains or is really humid.  Pserendipity thought I was making this up.  Anybody else heard this or is it just me?

Anyhoo, it is Monday, and in the spirit of positivity, I’d like to invite you to head over to the comments section and tell me something good, something great, something positive.  I’ll start:   the Lakers won yesterday!  See ya in the finals!!!


14 thoughts on “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News!

  1. The Wiz and Evilene aka the Auntie sang it to her minions!!! I am not a Lakers fan but whatever – Have a good week.

    • I have been humming that song since late last week – love it! Of course you’re correct! Maybe one day I’ll have more than brownie points to award.

      Awww, don’t be mad at the purple and gold. If it makes you feel better – I’m also a Raiders fan and they never win a thang! Enjoy your week 🙂

  2. I sing that song at least once a week!

    I heard that about painting too. My mom always said it because we painted with the windows open and you don’t want to end up with a wet floor or an uncomfortable house (sitnky paint, wet walls, and stickiness from humidity).

    Something good something great: I got a new laptop over the weekend! Finally!

    • Okay, so I’m not totally trippin’ this time. Looking at the weather forecast, looks like I need to paint today or tomorrow – more rain around the corner. Yech.

  3. That song is definitely from the Wiz. I love it! I’m going to try to keep it positive even though you’re a Lakers fan. ICK!

    My weekend was absolutely fabulous and it’s sunny in Chicago today. 🙂

  4. My sister qualified for 100% financial aid for her next year of college!!! The reason why is unfortunate but without financial aid, it would have been difficult to impossible for her to go back. This is great news for my family.

  5. something good something great something to really be proud of – my 10 year old earned the bronze medal for his age group in the high jump this weekend at track finals! YAAYYY!!!!

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