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May 22, 2009

It’s our anniversary! 

That’s right, Smoochy and I celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary today.  The fact that we have been married for a decade – a decade! – is blowing my mind. 

There’s no easy way to sum up the last ten years really.  We’ve had some really great times together – the greatest being the birth of our daughter and some pretty crappy times together – the worst was losing his Mom.  Between the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, life has happened.  Our relationship has grown and matured as have we.  We’ve learned that life doesn’t always work out as neatly as we naively thought that it would, but that as long as we remember that we’re playing for the same team, all is well.

A lot of people are down on marriage, quick to quote divorce statistics or tell stories about couples they know who didn’t make it.  Well, I’m here to testify on marriage’s behalf.  It is wonderful when you’ve got the right person on your team.  It is not always easy, but I haven’t found it to be nearly as much work as people claim it to be either.  I love being married.  I love knowing who I’m coming home to and who’s coming home to me.  I love the peace and security of our home.  I love the fact that we can crack each other up with just a look.  I love knowing that he knows how crazy and weird I can be and that he loves me in spite of (or maybe because of) my quirks.  I love that my daughter’s father is my husband and that she is crazy about Daddy! 

Marriage?  Highly recommended by yours truly.

Happy Anniversary Smoochy!  I love you.  Let’s dance.


(Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to post the video)


14 thoughts on “May 22, 2009

  1. Congrats! I remember when my parents celebrated their ten year (twenty years ago) and how much of a big deal it was for them. They bought new furniture to celebrate. I know now that it was a true accomplishment – staying married, committed, loving to one person despite their faults and yours is hard.

    Don’t party too hard.

  2. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while, but now is as good a time as any to speak up. Happy Anniversary!! It’s refreshing to see successful black marriages. I am a believer in black love and marriage, I know it is possible and I know it works. From seeing my parents married for 30yrs to seeing this post. I congratulate you, I wish you many many more years together. 🙂

  3. Let me add to the chorus of congratulations! Happy Anniversary! I love your take on marriage, sounds similar to mine. I feel blessed every day to come home to my husband of 7 years. I second your emotion!

  4. Did I tell you Happy Anniversary? Quite sure I didn’t amidst all the action going on around us. Anyway, Happy Anniversary!! How did Smoochy like his gift?

  5. Thank you all for the congratulations and well wishes!

    Ms. Wooden Shoes – congrats on a decade + 2!!!

    P – He loved his gift card (I’m a horrible gift-buyer, I know, I know. I told him about the mini-fridge and he said he was glad I went with the gift card instead!)


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