I’m thinking…

…if you are too mean to say “good morning” then you shouldn’t come to church.

…Bob Marley and the Wailers made some of the best music ever.

…the decision to stop perming my hair was one of the best I’ve ever made.

…too many people waste too much energy going off on others.  It is not that serious.  Move on.  Choose joy and peace.

…not enough women received – or paid attention to – that email that circulates every summer admonishing proper foot care  for the summer season.  If I see one more pair of crusty feet with long talons…

…MS lawmakers better hurry the heck up and pass a budget for the next fiscal year!  I’m going to need a paycheck in July!  Y’all have less than 12 hours to wrap this up.

…I may need to go to a sleep specialist.  Not because I can’t sleep, but because I can – all too well.  Last night I was supposed to log on and take my midterm which closed at 11.  Guess who woke up at 10:20 and had less than 40 minutes to take a test which we’d been given 90 minutes to take?  Good guess!

…my kid thinks she is way too fly with her afro puff.  This morning?  She told me to “make it bigger Mama.  Way bigger!”

…I can’t believe I let my girl talk me into a gallon of pink paint while we were at L.owe’s yesterday.  There goes a relaxing holiday weekend.

…I would love to know what you are thinking.  Do tell!


I’m Living For the Weekend

And yes, I know it is only Monday.  What better way to kick of the week than with some randoms?

  • BET awards last night?  Garbage.  I had them on in the background while I studied for my midterm.  Hot, awful mess. 
  • My dad used to always tell us that elevators were for fat people.  I used to think that was so mean.  I’m beginning to agree with him.  I found myself ditching the stairs for the elevators at work and no joke – I’ve developed a bit of a gut.  Back to the stairwells I go!
  • I bought three pairs of shoes from Amazon last week and was tickled pink at having scored three pairs of shoes for less than $50.  Only one pair fit and I’ve decided they’re tres ugly.  Back to Amazon they all go!  There’s a pair on there I’m going to order today.  I’ve worn the brand before, know that they’ll fit, and they’re decent looking. 
  • People I like always seem to move away.  That makes me sad. 
  • I cut the ends of 4 or 5 of my locks this weekend.  I looked down and just saw lint trapped all inside of them.  I tried to pick the lint out, but patience is a virtue I’m still working on.   So I just hacked ’em off.  I’ve got to find a way to keep these puppies lint free.  Or at least lint free-er.  No telling what the back of my head looks like!
  • Speaking of hair, Lovegirl insisted on an afro-puff when I combed her hair last night.  She just may be sporting the biggest puff in 4-year old history.  I am not good at puffs, but she was quite pleased and Smoochy referenced G.ood T.imes by saying she looked like a mini-Thelma.
  • I have got to find my camera.  I think it is floating around in the back of my car.  Hmmmm, maybe I have got to clean out my car, and the rest will follow.
  • My swim teacher hasn’t called/emailed me back to set up my next session.  Should I be offended?  Hope the fact that I thrashed around like an oxygen-deprived guppy hasn’t caused her to re-think her occupation…
  • Y’all – I got a “superior” on my evaluation on Friday.  I was so damned geeked.  After working for some real pieces of work for the last 4 years or so, it was nice to have a positive review again.  No additional funds are associated with my superiority, but I’m cool with that.  The boss-lady did suggest that I spend less time on the phone (oh alright) and work on my organization skills (just because my desk looks like a mess doesn’t mean I don’t know where stuff is.  Hmmm, maybe my camera is on my desk…)
  • My parents are on an Alaskan cruise this week which means I won’t get to talk to my Mom every day.  Boooo!  My only vacation for the forseeable future?  A weekend trip to Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Booooo!  Lovegirl and I are going to make the quick trip over in July.  My parents are attending my Mom’s high school reunion and we’re going to swing over and join the “fun.” 
  • Serenity 3-0 (AKA Serenity 23) has been doing regular wardrobe posts.  I’m going to bite her style.  She accessorizes wonderfully and I’ll be looking to add a few more cardigans and belts to my wardrobe.  She also just bc’d her hair and it looks fabulous! 
  • I guess that’s it for now.  Is it Friday yet?!?!?

Live Life Off The Wall

My favorite Michael Jackson memory?  Taking a picture of him into the beauty shop and asking my beautician to replicate his hair (this was when he first got relaxed and layered – so pretty!)

My favorite Michael Jackson song?  Probably PYT – which still has the power of making me smile and dance whenever I hear it.

Michael Joseph Jackson.  August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009.  Gone too soon.

Stick A Fork In Me – I Am DONE!

Just when I think that the school director cannot come up with another typo, another example of piss poor grammar, another written communique designed to push me over the edge (okay, maybe I’m taking it a bit personally), she proves me W-R-O-N-G!  Ladies and gentlemen, please bear witness to Thursday’s menu at Lovegirl’s school:



Spaghetti w/meat






If you do not spot the error, please don’t tell me.  Mmmkay?  Mmmkay.


So, this morning on the way to school Lovegirl was lamenting her only child status and said “I don’t never have nobody to play with on the weekends!”  (Grammar lesson to follow – no worries)

Being the kind hearted Mama that I am I decided to text my sister-in-law and ask her if her youngest girl K could spend the night.  K is 4 as is Lovegirl.  She texted back “both A and K are available.  What time would you like them?  When it comes to family, they are a package deal.”  Um, okay.  A is 9.  I love them both dearly, but when I think about playmates for Lovegirl, my mind automatically goes to K.  I texted back  “cool, how about 6?”

I only have one child – and hope to keep it that way.  So of course, I’m used to making arrangements for one child and don’t have any other children to consider the feelings of.  I asked a few work friends with more than one if they had similar rules – were their children package deals?  One was like “nope.  If somebody wants one, they can have one.  If they want both, that’s cool too.”  Her children are 1 and 4.  The other one said “of course you get both.  That’s only fair.  Think about how the other one would feel.”  Her children are 11, 7 and 4.

I honestly didn’t think about how the other one would feel.  I am one of four.  We were raised not to expect something just because another one of us got something.  And that’s how we rolled.  And I pretty much agree with that.  Not where one kid can pick out a toy at the store and the other 3 can’t, but just because one got a new pair of shoes, we didn’t all get a pair of shoes.  You know?  I wasn’t trying to be inconsiderate or anything, it just didn’t occur to me to invite both.

Anyhow, I’ve been pondering this for a while and would now like to hear what you say.  Welcome to my first poll!  Feel free to leave any additional remarks in the comments section.

Muchas gracias – have a great weekend!

The End of An Era?

Y’all – I am cautiously excited.  I think Lovegirl has finally  stopped sucking her thumb!

I was a cocky new mother proudly proclaiming “no, my daughter does not use a pacifier.”  Only to discover that she was a self-soother and preferred her thumb.  Oops!

Well, my girl is almost 5 and until Tuesday night, you could almost always find her with her left thumb in her mouth – especially if she was tired, hungry, or irritated. 

Tuesday night we stopped at W.algreens so I could buy some bobby pins and work on getting my crazy hair out of my face.  Anyhoo, we walked in and she spotted a bottle of sparkly pink nail polish and asked if I’d buy it for her.  I told her sure,  and I’d be glad to paint her toenails that night.  She said “Mama, I want my fingernails painted.”  Well, I’d previously told her that I was not painting her little chewed up thumbnail and reminded her of that.  “Mama, I want my nails painted.  I’ll stop sucking my thumb.”  I told her we’d give it a try.  Do you know that joker hasn’t sucked her thumb since Tuesday night? 

Ah, the power of a sparkly pink manicure – hope it lasts!

You’re Out!


Okay, so Nerd Girl is not exactly a fashion/style maven.  I mean yes, my clothes match most of the time, and I do iron, but I never have been an “it” girl with the latest everything.  Just not the way I roll.  I mean I just got a phone with a QWERTY keyboard (best thing ever!) and I buy my purses from TJ Maxx two or three years after they made their initial runway and new season appearances.

I do, however, enjoy reading magazines and perusing websites that seem to be dedicated to the pursuit of “it.”  InStyle is a favorite!

Well, today I realized that not only am I not a fashion maven, I’m out!  I like yellow gold, shimmery nail polish, and long pants.  I am bucking the white gold/platinum, matte nail polish, capri pants trends that have been designated fresh! and current!

I got to thinking, when does bucking a trend and sticking to what you prefer cross the line and become downright ridiculous?  What separates preference from played way the hell out?  I mean what if the dude wearing the B.ill Cosby sweater, three rope chains and a Jheri Curl really and truly believes that his look is tight?  That no matter what “they” come up with, he knows what looks good on him and what he likes?  What about the woman you see at church who is still rocking a blue suit with blue stockings and blue pumps?  She looked good in ’85 and no one can tell her she’s not doing the dang thang in ’09!  OMG – what if someone is waiting for just the right moment in time to tell me that I need to step into the 21st century with my outdated jewelry, long pants wearing self???

Where is the line and how do you know when it has been crossed?

Are you rocking anything that’s considered out?  Is it just me?  Come on, head over to the comments section and ‘fess up.  I’ve told you about my love of yellow gold, frosted nail polish and full length pants.  And just to make the confession process a little easier for you, I’ll also cop to wearing a toe ring!  Don’t leave me hanging…