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In Remembrance

Please bow your head in a moment of silent prayer.  Lovegirl’s fish, Flippy Oswalt, has swum his last lap.  He has gone on to that giant fishbowl in the sky – where fish no longer fight, but live in perfect harmony.

Yup, I went to feed Flippy Oswalt last night, thought he looked a little “off”, tapped the bowl and realized he was a goner.

Now, who’s going to tell Lovegirl?  My genius plan?  Leave him in the bowl and let Smoochy deal with this life lesson when he gets home on Saturday.  Any other ideas?

RIP Flippy Oswalt – hardly we knew ye!



7 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. Poor Flippy Oswalt 😦

    Last night on Amercia’s Funnies Home Videos the winning video was of a set of sisters doing a funeral for their fish. One cried and mourned and held it over the toilet. As she dropped it in the toilet the other started reading John 3:16 from the Bible. I laughed until I cried. Not saying that Flippy Oswalts death is funny, but that family won $10,000 from recording their girls’ fish funeral.

    Invite Aidan, Pserendipity, and Tim over dressed in their finest. I’m just sayin…

    • Hah! We won’t be gettin rich off of Lovegirl. She was like “let’s just throw him in the trash. Poor Flippy Oswalt.” Nowhere near the drama I was expecting – thank God!

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