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End of the Week Randoms

  • Lakers in 5!
  • TMI, I know but I really want to shout this from the rooftop – I have finally found the perfect underwear!  These jokers right here?  The truth!  Why didn’t anyone tell me???
  • My brother and his girlfriend just bought a house.  I was like “congratulations!  When is the wedding?”  Dude called me old.  Whatever.  Decently and in order son, decently and in order.
  • I lost my home improvement mojo, but thanks to Therapeutic Musings, I think I’m getting it back.  I’m not tackling the study just yet, but think I’m going to re-cover our dining set chairs tomorrow.  They’ve got a very light fabric on them now and well, between the 3 of us, they’re pretty bad off.  I think I’m going to find some pleather this weekend and get them back right. 
  • If anybody has any Father’s Day gift ideas, please, please help me out.  Thank goodness I have no more gift-giving occasions for a while after this one!
  • I haven’t talked to one of my friends in a while.  I told her it was because of summer school.  The truth is I’m tired of her whining and needed a break.  I’ll probably call her this weekend.
  • Speaking of summer school, somebody wake me when the summer session is over – Finance of Higher Ed?  BORING.  And I try very hard not to use that word.  Now who’s complaining?  🙂
  • Dwight “Superman” Howard may have the most perfect set of arms ever.  Ever.  See?

Dwight Howard

  • I think I use exclamation points way too much!!!
  • Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “End of the Week Randoms

  1. Oh my God, were we separated at birth or something? Because:

    “Lakers in 5!” Yes, and you know this.
    Favorite underwear: any seamless boyshorts.
    “When is the wedding?” Too true, and please don’t even post here in a few months that she’s pregnant. I’m not having that.
    Home improvement: I keep thinking it’s a hopeless cause, but then I keep getting all these ideas which may in fact be doable. If I weren’t going away this weekend, I would tackle our artwork (or lack thereof) issue.
    Father’s Day: I’m in the same boat.
    Whiny friend/boring summer school: okay, not having this problem.
    Dwight Howard: shirtless (his chest! his abs!), looks like he was poured into a mold. He has the perfect basketball body. Nonetheless, he will still lose.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Whoo hoo twin! If I figure out something terribly witty, sentimental and awesome for Father’s Day I’ll let you know. Highly unlikely, but never say never! I AM going to the fabric store tomorrow and I AM going to re-cover those chairs.

      Enjoy your trip!

  2. Not just the arms re: Dwight Howard! Whew, his body is like WHOA! I’m not a Cavs fan anyway, but I cheered extra hard when the Magic won because that meant at least 4 more games (nights) of Mr. Howard on TV. **swooning**

    • Okay, really – you’re right. That man is one foine specimen! Whooo Ooooo! Hmmm, you’re almost making me hope the series runs longer than five just for additional Superman viewing opportunities. 🙂

  3. dwight doesn’t do it for me. “I’m tired of her whining and needed a break.” omg i had to get rid of 2 of those b/c it never stopped. after years and years and no matter what ups and downs, still bitter and whining i had to stop. i couldn’t take it.

    • Really, he doesn’t? Not at all? Hmmmm, I’ll have to ponder that for a while…

      Every year, I “break up” with her for a few weeks, but my husband makes me feel guilty about it and I break down and talk to her again. I will say that talking to/dealing with her makes me more aware of the complaining that I do – and hopefully helps me keep mine at a minimum!

  4. I sit and talk about the wonderfulness that is Dwight Howard every time he is on the tv. I love people that smile all the time!

    I also share you exclamation point love. I always have to go back and reread my stuff and take out all the exclamation points because I don’t want people to think I’m strange.

    I think the Lakers will do it in 4. Kobe wants folks to know he is greatness.

    Your comment on my decorating post was perfect! When you said the colors you liked I was like heyyyyyy those are the colors in my shower curtain which I love! Why don’t I just decorate around that! Awesomeness 🙂

    For Father’s Day I’m getting my daddy a free standing hammock and his favorite snacks that they only sell in his home state and I picked some up for him this weekend.

    • He smiles? J/K – I have noticed that about him as well. Not that I spend a lot of time checking his grill 🙂 Keep me posted on your spruce-up progress. I’ve got to find my staple gun so I can get my chairs finished and move on to bigger and better! I like the hammock idea and may very well borrow that from ya!

  5. Dwight’s body is sumthin’ serious!

    I love exclamation points and these [….] 🙂

    I was mighty down earlier this morning…I worked hard to encourage myself! Mission accomplished!

    I too need to reupholster my dining room chairs…black fabric, kids and a cat…not a good look.

    • Oooh . . . .ooooh. . . . me too!!!!! Glad you’re feeling better. If I ever get my chairs finished, I’ll post pics. I’ve never re-covered anything, but figure it can’t be that hard. Right?

  6. YAY for perfect underwear! I’m not even mad atcha!

    And yes, Lord. He broke the mold when he crafted that man’s arms. The best part about it, is that he doesn’t have any icky tattoos making his delicious arms look well… unedible. Yes, I hope the series goes to 7, not because I care, but because I’m going to go through withdrawals when I can’t watch D. Howards arms any longer.

    Sexual Chocolate! *drops the mike*

    • Girl, you have no idea how long I’ve looked for a pair that stay put and don’t look so horribly granny! I never thought I’d be so excited over drawls. But I am.

      You’re right. I’m cool with tats (not an armful) but I am so pleased that DH has chosen to leave his goodness all pure and loverly!


    • Ya know…I never thought of that. He doesn’t have any tats…that just may add to the appeal in a different kinda way….no distraction…just fabulous arms and shoulders…I’m lusting…bye.

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