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Can I kick it? Yes I can!

Monnie has challenged her readers to a 14 day challenge.  Two weeks of super-healthy eating – no carbs, no sugar, no junk food and at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 6x during the two weeks.  I’m in!  Supposedly one can expect to lose around 7 lbs in two weeks on this plan.  I’m hoping that dropping a few pounds will help my “hidden muscles” emerge.  (There have got to be muscles somewhere under there!  Right?  Right.)  Anyhoo, this shouldn’t be too terribly difficult for me to adhere to – it is very similar to the fast I was on with my church earlier this year.   I didn’t eat meat on that fast, but did have carbs (no bread though) so we’ll see if I can handle this for two weeks.  I think the key is preparation.  So I’ve come up with a menu for the first week and a half.  I grocery shop once a week, so I’ve got a while before I need to finalize my second week’s menu.  Breakfast is going to be hardest – no oatmeal!  Since I don’t eat eggs I am pretty much limited to meat, fruits, and vegetables. 

Anyone care to join me on this two week trip?  Starts on Monday.  I can’t believe some of the stuff I willingly subject myself to….

Monday – Turkey bacon, fruit (B); Mixed fruit (S); Salad (L), Nuts/craisins (S); Baked salmon, steamed veggies (D)

Tuesday – Sliced turkey, fruit (B); Carrots (S); Lettuce wrap (L); Dried fruit (S); Soy “chicken” patty, salad (D)

Wednesday – Fruit (B); Cucumbers (S); Salmon/veggies (L); Cheese (S); Dinner – out (probably Indian)

Thursday – Fruit/cheese (B); Dried fruit (S); Soup (L); Nuts (S); Salad (D)

Friday – Smoothie (B); Cheese (S); Soup (L); Fruit (S); Taco Salad – no shell (D)

Saturday – Turkey bacon/fruit (B); Fruit (S); Salad (L); Cucumbers/tomatoes(S); Dinner – out or leftovers

Sunday – Smoothie (B); Nuts/craisins(S); Sliced turkey, fruit (L); Carrots (S); Roasted chicken/purple hull peas/succotash (D)


8 thoughts on “Can I kick it? Yes I can!

  1. i’m convinced after knowing people who did atkins that working out without carbs makes you want to end it all. i’m out. i’ll cut out sugar and work out at least 3xs/wk but the rest? pass. lol. you don’t eat eggs? GASP!!! THE HORROR!! i go thru w/drawals after the 3rd day w/o eggs.

    • Really? Do tell. I don’t want to do anything unhealthy and end up passed out somewhere – not a good look! I was a little concerned about the lack of carbs but thought maybe loading up on fruit would keep my carb level high enough to continue my normal workout routine?

      I cannot stand eggs. I mean if they’re in a chicken, tuna, potato salad that’s cool. But you will NEVA see me eating or ordering eggs – omelets, boiled, scrambled, fried, over easy, quiched-up, you get my drift – of my own free will. Cannot do it!!!

  2. ok. i trying it this time too. i just copied your meal plan because i could only come up with chicken, broccoli, and turkey sausage, LOL!

    • LOL! I haven’t even stuck to my menu – this morning I had fruit (bananas and cherries) and I’ve had a piece of chicken for snack. Oh well. My refrigerator is stocked for the week, so I have no excuse to veer off the plan, even if I do veer off the menu. Good luck!

  3. I wanted to do it but there are a few problems: I don’t understand life without carbs. No bread or potatoes? I’ll be a hungry little evil woman.

    I also discovered I’m allergic to a lot more fruit than I thought. All these years I thought the upset stomach was a part of eating fruit! I thought it was supposed to clean you out (TMI? Probably) I blamed the broken out lips on my lip gloss till my loving SMART husband put the connection together. So it would be no bread, potatoes, and limited fruits. I’ll pass.

    I don’t eat eggs either, not in anything but fried rice.

    Your menu looks excellent though, like dmac, I couldn’t even figure out what I was supposed to eat if I decided to do it.

    • Yeah, the no carbs is a kicker. I’m going to do low-carbs. Not cutting them completely out. Haven’t decided how to get them in yet. Maybe a piece of whole wheat toast every morning??

      Hmm, I may have that same problem. A lot of lipglosses irritate my lips – so far only MAC and good old fashioned vaseline seem to be safe. Did you go to an allergist? I need to bite the bullet and make an appointment.

      Whoo hoo – no eggs!

  4. Hey Nerd Girl! Yeah, I can’t completely cut out carbs. My trainer looked at me crazy when I told him about the challenge. LOL! I love rice; therefore, I’ll eat brown rice on the days I’m training with him which are Wed, Thurs, and Saturday. I think I’m ok with limited carbs when I work out on my own, but I can’t do that on my training days.

    • Okay, I’m with you then. Limited carbs. I won’t be scarfing down dinner rolls, cornbread and croissants, but I’m not going to completely eliminate them either. I’m already perpetually tired – I’d probably pass out with no carbs. Good luck!!

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