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Randoms of a Genius

Lovegirl:  Mom you are so smart.  You know the answers to all my questions.

Nerd Girl:  Aw, thanks sweetie.  You’re pretty smart yourself.

Lovegirl:  Oh please.  I don’t even know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile!

I can’t believe she walks around thinking of this stuff


GO LAKERS!!  (Oh come on, you knew it was coming)  Three down, one to go!


So, today Lovegirl starts swim lessons.  With a woman I have dubbed “The Swim Nazi.”  One of the ladies I used to work with told me about her neighbor/friend who teaches children to swim in 4 lessons and gave me her number.  I’ve decided this is the year that both Lovegirl and I learn to swim for real.  Anyhow, this lady swears that she’ll have Lovegirl swimming by Sunday.  I am to drive to her house, drop Lovegirl off, turn around, and walk away.  I then sit in her driveway until the lesson is over, go back to the pool, retrieve my kid and repeat through the weekend.  She said “she’ll cry, she’ll beg not to come back, but by Sunday she will be a swimmer.”  Uh, okay.  I’m a little nervous y’all.  Scratch that.  I’m all kinds of nervous.  Pray for us.

Oh, did I mention that this torture is costing me $175?  Better work.  I’m paying out of my savings.  If I tell Smoochy he’ll go all kinds of bananas.  But hey, I paid $100 at the Y last summer, and she can’t swim so if it works this time, it’s all good.  Please Lord, let it work.


Yesterday, my boss decided to reveal that she is on a “teeny, tiny dose” of  Zoloft. T-M-damned-I!


I am re-thinking my commitment to Monnie’s challenge (see yesterday’s post).  Jameil has me thinking it might not be such a grand idea after all.  Anybody else know of pros/cons to this challenge? 


I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.  There’s a girl at work who is pregnant.  Every time I see her she’s drinking a soda or eating junk.  I’ve made several comments about feeding her little embryo some healthier fare.  Yesterday she was drinking orange soda – she was like “it’s caffeine free.”  I pledge to keep my thoughts to myself from here on out.  Well, I’m not going to voice them to her.  I may still tell y’all that she needs to do much better taking care of/feeding herself and her little baby-to-be.  Maybe I’ll gift her a fruit basket…kidding, kidding.  Or not.


Yesterday I went to my first Curriculum Committee meeting.  Well, after I sat in on the wrong meeting for about 10 minutes I went to my first Curriculum Committee meeting.  The wrong meeting was more interesting.  This seems to be a trend for me – last year I went to the wrong birthday party!


That’s it.  I have three goals this weekend – get my chairs re-covered, read my chapters for class, cheer Lakers on to sweet, sweet victory!  Hope y’all have a lovely one!  Be  safe – have fun – stay cool.


6 thoughts on “Randoms of a Genius

  1. I remember that post about the wrong party! Still funny 🙂

    If it works for lovegirl, I’ll be driving down to take swim lessons too. I’ve gone through at LEAST 10 swimming classes and I still can’t swim. One time the man said, “I’m pretty sure your butt is making you sink, can I hold you up?” It’s a good thing I was wayyyy too old to be in that class otherwise he would have been deemed a pedophile as he held my butt all the way down the pool(everybody else in the class was like 10).

    Please get that girl some fruit!

    Ahhh the joys of Lovegirl. What a deep little girl she is, lol.

    • Girl, she doesn’t teach adults. Believe me, I asked. I’ve still got to find someone willing to teach my 36 year old self how to swim!

      Today, she ate nothing for lunch. I’m thinking a fruit basket is definitely in her future.

      Really, my kid is right – how smart can you be if you don’t know the difference? Must go look that up now …. 🙂

  2. Have you seen Jameil’s post today? She is totally adverse to anything no carb. And for the record, so am I.

    I’m gonna get you a GPS for all social and business functions.

    Please report for us on the difference between alligators and crocodiles by Monday. Thanks in advance, smartie pants!

    • Do fruit carbs count? Not enough?????

      Social functions…I remember those from once upon a long, long time ago! 🙂

      I’ll ask Lovegirl the difference. After today’s field trip, I am certain that she’ll know!

  3. You get most of your energy carbs from grains and pastas. That’s why it’s so hard to workout w/o that in your diet. You feel extremely run down and tired. Your body can learn to adapt but it takes more than the 2 weeks you have. And most of the weight you’ll lose from not eating carbs, you’ll gain back when you start eating them again. Moderation is key. You should have told her knowing the diff is inconsequential unless you happen to be a biologist. Lol. Not a teeny tiny dose of Zoloft! Hilarity! As are the wrong mtg & party.

    • Thank you much. I’m going to do limited carbs – no dinner rolls, cornbread, etc., but a slice of whole wheat toast or rice with dinner should do the trick.

      My kid is nuts. One day I”ll explain the difference between crocs and alligators to her. Maybe.

      I too am nuts. Which explains my horrible lack of meeting/party direction! 🙂

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