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Monday? Already?

How was your weekend?  I hope it was good great!

Mine did not go according to plan.  Of the three goals I had, I only accomplished one – cheering the Lakers on to victory.  And I only kinda sorta accomplished that one.  I fell asleep in the 4th quarter – Smoochy woke me up to tell me the Lakers won.  Okay, so I’ll win no prize for “most dedicated fan.”  Whatev.

My chairs remain covered in the same cream fabric they left the factory with.  I did manage to turn one over to see what I was working with.  I couldn’t even figure out what I needed to get the screw out to remove the cushion – I am such a pro!  Smoochy left an allen wrench on the table for me, so I guess that’s his subtle way of helping me out.  Maybe I’ll get one of them done tonight?

Speaking of unfinished home beautification projects, I now have another one.  Lovegirl and I headed over to Pserendipity’s on Sunday to play on the Slip & Slide.  Well, Aidan and Lovegirl slipped and slid.  It was hot as Hades outside.  Pserendipity and I were inside, under the air, drinking water.  But we did watch them through the blind slats.  Where was I?  Oh yes, on my way to Pserendipity’s I spotted a short, six drawer chest sitting on a curb with a sign on it that said “free.”  (Rather serendipitous don’t you think?  Get it?  Ha!  I’m so cleva!)  So I pulled over and tried to get that joker in my truck.  Um yeah, must train harder on the weights.  Anyhoo, after I rang the doorbell and got the homeowner dude to help me load it up, I was on my merry way.  I think I’m going to sand it down, spray paint it black and put that joker in my entryway.  Should work out nicely.   For a brief second I contemplated sanding it down correctly, ridding it of all the baby blue paint it is now coated in, and staining it.  But I think we all know – that is not about to happen anytime soon!

Lovegirl has finished her swimming lessons, and she did pretty well.  Better than I would’ve thought.  Now, she’s no Michael Phelps, but she can dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve rings (which will come in oh-so-handy at some point in her life, I’m sure), and she can swim across the shallow end of the pool.  Her form is awful, but I will keep working with her on it.  I think the money was well spent.  She came further in three days with the Swim Nazi than she did in two weeks at the Y.  I’ve got to make a concerted effort to get her to the pool on a regular basis.

I guess that’s it for this morning.  I’ve started the 14 day challenge (I’m doing limited carbs).  So far I’ve had a banana, a handful of cherries and a piece of chicken.  I’m a little grouchy, but am pretty sure that it being Monday has more to do with that than does the challenge.  I’d love a cup of coffee, but absolutely cannot drink the stuff with no sugar.  I guess I’ll go make a cup of tea and make believe.  Peace out lil homies!


2 thoughts on “Monday? Already?

  1. I love free furniture! I’ve never seen a piece that could fit in my saturn so I normally just drive by and plan what I would do in my head.

    I went to Ikea because they have a pattern that I really like for the living room but they were remodeling and everything was all messed up and I got a headache and had to just leave. Maybe next weekend I’ll have some time to start my sanding and painting.

    Good luck on the 14 day challenge.

  2. Ah… unfinished home projects. They seem like such a good idea at first, then they turn into eyesores. yah well…

    Congrats to you and your Lakers. I won’t even hate today. They deserve it. I’m especially happy for Shannon Brown, who’s from the Chi and Phil Jackson, who all Bulls fans love no matter where he decides to coach. 🙂

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