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You’re Out!


Okay, so Nerd Girl is not exactly a fashion/style maven.  I mean yes, my clothes match most of the time, and I do iron, but I never have been an “it” girl with the latest everything.  Just not the way I roll.  I mean I just got a phone with a QWERTY keyboard (best thing ever!) and I buy my purses from TJ Maxx two or three years after they made their initial runway and new season appearances.

I do, however, enjoy reading magazines and perusing websites that seem to be dedicated to the pursuit of “it.”  InStyle is a favorite!

Well, today I realized that not only am I not a fashion maven, I’m out!  I like yellow gold, shimmery nail polish, and long pants.  I am bucking the white gold/platinum, matte nail polish, capri pants trends that have been designated fresh! and current!

I got to thinking, when does bucking a trend and sticking to what you prefer cross the line and become downright ridiculous?  What separates preference from played way the hell out?  I mean what if the dude wearing the B.ill Cosby sweater, three rope chains and a Jheri Curl really and truly believes that his look is tight?  That no matter what “they” come up with, he knows what looks good on him and what he likes?  What about the woman you see at church who is still rocking a blue suit with blue stockings and blue pumps?  She looked good in ’85 and no one can tell her she’s not doing the dang thang in ’09!  OMG – what if someone is waiting for just the right moment in time to tell me that I need to step into the 21st century with my outdated jewelry, long pants wearing self???

Where is the line and how do you know when it has been crossed?

Are you rocking anything that’s considered out?  Is it just me?  Come on, head over to the comments section and ‘fess up.  I’ve told you about my love of yellow gold, frosted nail polish and full length pants.  And just to make the confession process a little easier for you, I’ll also cop to wearing a toe ring!  Don’t leave me hanging…


17 thoughts on “You’re Out!

  1. I love yellow gold, long pants, french pedicures and my Dooney and Bourke bags! *lol* So there!! Call me out, but I love the basic style that I have! It works for me. I tend to not worry about trends either and I keep things pretty simple. I think that as long as you keep it basic, you’re ok.

    • That’s what I’m talking about! Yellow gold lovers of the world unite! French pedicures are out? I am so unhip – which I further proved by using the term unhip. Sigh. 🙂

  2. i really want to get my hair put in a freeze….but my hairstylist was in elementary school in ’95 and she doesn’t know how to do one!

    • You just caused me to LOL – elementary school in ’95?!? Looks like you’re going to have to go to an “old head” to get your ‘do done. My college boyfriend’s sister in law (whew!) was in cosmetology school, and I kept a freeze back then.

  3. I read dmac’s comment and thought, what the heck is a freeze? LOL I was in elementary school in ’95 too.

    Let’s see, I think my style is just too plain to ever be out. All I wear is old navy jeans and solid color fitted t-shirts. The only time I was ever “in” was in 7th grade when I got the new pair of Jordans first. That was my highlight in this world as a fashionista. Is big hair out? Probably, because I’m the only one I know walking around looking like I could give Dolly Parton a run for her money. Oh well, I like big hair (that and the fact that I have a sensitive scalp and can’t straighten my roots).

    • Girl, pull out a family photo album – I am sure somebody in there is rocking a freeze!

      I feel u – jeans and a tshirt are my go-tos. Wish I could wear that to work.

      Peace out Dolly!

  4. toe ring!? i need you to let it go!! DEAD!! LOLOLOL!! that’s hilarious. i’m scared of matte polishes tho i know they’re supposed to be “it.” i’m tired of capris & leopard print, both of which appear to be hear to stay as they’ve been “in” in some form or another for like FIFTEEN YEARS now!! ugh. never liked either. (except my old co-worker who had these BAD $350 leopard mary janes w/a rhinestone buckle, her “lucky shoes.”) if you’re rocking a classic style you see in old movies, people can kick rocks. if you are rolling with a fad from decades ago/another decade (head to toe blue or jheri curl and 10 rope chains), you need to let it go, it’s a style TKO. i’m trying to think what it is that i won’t let go of that i probably should and i can’t… but i should probably ask around. your friends would i’m sure be willing to let you know which of your clothes you should remove from the wardrobe.

    • Whatever. I LOVE my toe ring. Every summer I think I’ll let it go and every summer I prove myself wrong 🙂

      Not a “style TKO”?!?! LOL!

      Nothing huh? Alright – we’ll take your word for it 🙂

  5. I thought yellow gold has BEEN out of style – And capris were out, are they now back in? Keep wearing your long pants, girl. I can’t keep up with all this.

    Okay, I’ll cop to 2 style “don’t”s that I am guilty of: the first is that I recently went back to using a banana clip in my hair since (a) it is geting overly long and (b) since having the second baby I rarely have time to do much with my hair in the morning. Slick the hair back with some pomade, part it on the side, twist it and clip it in the back, and voila! I’m out the door. Sorry, Style Police. The second: I still wear my wine-colored boots with the 3-inch chunky heels even though I know chunky heels are out because, hey: the boots are HOT. I even went to the cobbler to see if they could replace them with slimmer heels and they thought I was crazy. (Yes, I know, they’re probably right.)

    • I’m telling you – I stand (mostly) alone when it comes to my love of the yellow ore! Girl, I cannot find a pair of long pants to save my life – I’ve been searching for a few pairs to carry me through the summer. All I’ve encountered is row, upon row of capri and crop pants. I was so desperate that – hold your breath – I bought and wore a dress this week!

      Not the banana clip? You’re taking me back! I used to have tons and tons of those – in every color to match whatever loud, 80’s color I was wearing that day. My favorite one was turquoise :0

      Keep rocking your boots – I’m not mad atcha!

  6. Toe rings are out?? *gasp* ankle bracelets too?? LOL…hmmm…I can’t think of anything, but I would like prairie skirts to come back…they were sooo comfy a few years ago. I will NOT lead that revolution tho. I think I’ve got matters under control in the fashion dept…no offenses over here.

    I LOVE matte nail polish and I hate those shimmer metallic ones…always have.

    • LOL! The toe ring stays. I saw someone in a prairie skirt the other day and have been on the hunt for one ever since – she looked so cool and comfortable even walking in this 95+ weather.

      Not the spaceship shoulder pads?!?!

  7. I didn’t know yellow gold was out. It’s probably not as popular as silver has become, but definitely not out. I wore silver religiously for years but now I’ve started to purchase gold accessories to wear with my wardrobe. Sometimes it just compliments a look better.

    As far as my style, I’ll buy trends here and there but for me buying what looks best on me (and this gut of mine) is what’s top priority. I love, love, LOVE wide leg and bootleg jeans. I’m not as adventurous during the summer months with fashion as I am during the colder months. Summer to me = wearing whatever makes me not fall the hell out when I’m outside.

    • I am so with you on the wide and bootleg jeans – love them! I know you’re right about just trying not to fall out. It is already in the high 90s here – and summer hasn’t officially started yet! Good luck keeping it breezy.

  8. i have a toe ring too! and i love it, apart from getting the occasional “dirty hippie” comment.

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