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The End of An Era?

Y’all – I am cautiously excited.  I think Lovegirl has finally  stopped sucking her thumb!

I was a cocky new mother proudly proclaiming “no, my daughter does not use a pacifier.”  Only to discover that she was a self-soother and preferred her thumb.  Oops!

Well, my girl is almost 5 and until Tuesday night, you could almost always find her with her left thumb in her mouth – especially if she was tired, hungry, or irritated. 

Tuesday night we stopped at W.algreens so I could buy some bobby pins and work on getting my crazy hair out of my face.  Anyhoo, we walked in and she spotted a bottle of sparkly pink nail polish and asked if I’d buy it for her.  I told her sure,  and I’d be glad to paint her toenails that night.  She said “Mama, I want my fingernails painted.”  Well, I’d previously told her that I was not painting her little chewed up thumbnail and reminded her of that.  “Mama, I want my nails painted.  I’ll stop sucking my thumb.”  I told her we’d give it a try.  Do you know that joker hasn’t sucked her thumb since Tuesday night? 

Ah, the power of a sparkly pink manicure – hope it lasts!


4 thoughts on “The End of An Era?

  1. Awwwwwwww, go Lovegirl!

    I chewed my nails forever and a day when I was younger. When I got of age, fake nails were my thing (mainly the kind you bought at the store with nail glue). Then one day I just said I’m tired of this and worked on growing my own. I’ve been acrylic free for five years now and love it. My nails are now at the point that they were when I wore fake ones (when they don’t break off that is).

  2. Y’all – I am excited beyond belief! She had one slip up this weekend, but when I told her to take her thumb out of her mouth, she did so without a moment’s hesitation.

    TM – I won’t tell. Your secret is safe with me. And my 12 or 13 readers 🙂

    AR Gal – I chewed mine until my Mom told me she’s buy me a real ring if I stopped. Haven’t done it since. I guess love of “bling” runs in our blood!

    Kellyinaday – I’m just glad her “sparkly” was a cheap bottle of nail polish and not something more costly!

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