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Stick A Fork In Me – I Am DONE!

Just when I think that the school director cannot come up with another typo, another example of piss poor grammar, another written communique designed to push me over the edge (okay, maybe I’m taking it a bit personally), she proves me W-R-O-N-G!  Ladies and gentlemen, please bear witness to Thursday’s menu at Lovegirl’s school:



Spaghetti w/meat






If you do not spot the error, please don’t tell me.  Mmmkay?  Mmmkay.


16 thoughts on “Stick A Fork In Me – I Am DONE!

  1. Didn’t you tell her to use spellcheck?? The spell check changed “Chee” to “Cheek”!!! Bwaaaahahahaha………..you get what you ask for and you’re still mad!! Can’t please black folk, I tell ya.

    • What the hell ever! I know good and damn well (pardon my French, but its my blog!) aint no spell check cleared putting “Cheek-toes” down as the Thursday snack!!! I can’t take it anymore P – she is killing me!!! Killing me I tell ya!!!

      • LOL! I checked. Surely enough, it changes chee to cheek and tos to toes. Lawd a mercy. But at least she calls me Ms. Wilson now! One step forward, two steps back.

  2. Y’all – I may have to take this post down. How will my anger ever subside if I’m reminded of this lunacy every time I’m here?!?! Cheek-toes. Just damn!

  3. I am over here laughing out loud SO loud that Z walked in here to see what the devil was so funny!!!

    So I know everyone sees the obvious guffaw but when in de hell did folks start hyphenating the word Cheetos?? ‘Scuse me…..cheek-toes.

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