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I’m Living For the Weekend

And yes, I know it is only Monday.  What better way to kick of the week than with some randoms?

  • BET awards last night?  Garbage.  I had them on in the background while I studied for my midterm.  Hot, awful mess. 
  • My dad used to always tell us that elevators were for fat people.  I used to think that was so mean.  I’m beginning to agree with him.  I found myself ditching the stairs for the elevators at work and no joke – I’ve developed a bit of a gut.  Back to the stairwells I go!
  • I bought three pairs of shoes from Amazon last week and was tickled pink at having scored three pairs of shoes for less than $50.  Only one pair fit and I’ve decided they’re tres ugly.  Back to Amazon they all go!  There’s a pair on there I’m going to order today.  I’ve worn the brand before, know that they’ll fit, and they’re decent looking. 
  • People I like always seem to move away.  That makes me sad. 
  • I cut the ends of 4 or 5 of my locks this weekend.  I looked down and just saw lint trapped all inside of them.  I tried to pick the lint out, but patience is a virtue I’m still working on.   So I just hacked ’em off.  I’ve got to find a way to keep these puppies lint free.  Or at least lint free-er.  No telling what the back of my head looks like!
  • Speaking of hair, Lovegirl insisted on an afro-puff when I combed her hair last night.  She just may be sporting the biggest puff in 4-year old history.  I am not good at puffs, but she was quite pleased and Smoochy referenced G.ood T.imes by saying she looked like a mini-Thelma.
  • I have got to find my camera.  I think it is floating around in the back of my car.  Hmmmm, maybe I have got to clean out my car, and the rest will follow.
  • My swim teacher hasn’t called/emailed me back to set up my next session.  Should I be offended?  Hope the fact that I thrashed around like an oxygen-deprived guppy hasn’t caused her to re-think her occupation…
  • Y’all – I got a “superior” on my evaluation on Friday.  I was so damned geeked.  After working for some real pieces of work for the last 4 years or so, it was nice to have a positive review again.  No additional funds are associated with my superiority, but I’m cool with that.  The boss-lady did suggest that I spend less time on the phone (oh alright) and work on my organization skills (just because my desk looks like a mess doesn’t mean I don’t know where stuff is.  Hmmm, maybe my camera is on my desk…)
  • My parents are on an Alaskan cruise this week which means I won’t get to talk to my Mom every day.  Boooo!  My only vacation for the forseeable future?  A weekend trip to Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Booooo!  Lovegirl and I are going to make the quick trip over in July.  My parents are attending my Mom’s high school reunion and we’re going to swing over and join the “fun.” 
  • Serenity 3-0 (AKA Serenity 23) has been doing regular wardrobe posts.  I’m going to bite her style.  She accessorizes wonderfully and I’ll be looking to add a few more cardigans and belts to my wardrobe.  She also just bc’d her hair and it looks fabulous! 
  • I guess that’s it for now.  Is it Friday yet?!?!?

11 thoughts on “I’m Living For the Weekend

  1. Thanks for the compliments! I really wanted to take Tyler on a cruise this summer but I think that won’t happen. So we are doing short weekend excursions to places w./in driving distance. I need/want to see more of the East Coast anyway. And I think kids enjoy the simple things. Congrats on your evaluation!

    • Thank you for the inspiration! I really could take it up a notch with a few minor tweaks.

      My husband drives trucks and is only home from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening, so I’ve been hesitant to go anywhere on the weekends because we’d miss seeing him. Once I get my vacation built back up a little more, I think we’re going home to CA for about a week. Can’t wait!

  2. Lovegirl and the afropuff. She was looking cute today when I saw her, but I did think of Penny. Good Times!

    • Girl…I suggested everything else – 2 twists, 6 twists, 5 braids. She was like “nope. One big puff right on top of my head.” Alrightie then. Her hair is going to be sooooo dry tonight. I’ve got to learn about styling her hair out I guess.

      Welcome back.

  3. I’m curious–what do the ends of the chopped locs look like now? Did you have lint with shorter hair, or just now? I wear my hair up a lot, and it’s still pretty short, so I haven’t experienced any just yet.

    • I can’t tell a difference in the chopped ends. Of course, I’m blind as a bat and my glasses don’t cover my periphery, so take that for what it is worth.

      I didn’t have lint – that I noticed – when my hair was shorter. I had layers when I was relaxed and those layers are more and more obvious as my hair grows. I never wear my hair up so I’m pretty sure the ends picked up a lot of lint from my clothes. I’m going to look into a few lint-free towels, something to cover all of my hair at night, and maybe a satin pillow case. I’ll probably slip out of the bed, but hey, at what price beauty?

    • Okay, I finally located one of the cut ones. Can’t tell that much of a difference it is just not as rounded at the bottom as the others are. Really, someone would have to look really hard to find the ones that have been cut.

  4. Regarding the BET awards (which I had to piece together on YouTube since we don’t get those kinds of things in Holland) didn’t you like the O’jay’s tribute? I thought Johnny, Tyrese and Trey worked that out.

    • Hey there! Haven’t heard from you in a while. I confess that I didn’t give the awards my full attention. I missed the tribute. I did hear the O’Jays though and thought they sounded good. But overall, I wish I’d turned the TV off and given “The Finance of Higher Education” my full attention – which is really saying something because the readings are as dry as toast w/o butter 🙂

  5. I live for the weekend every week. Two weeks ago, NOLA. This past weekend D.C. and Baltimore, this weekend, I’ll be at home in Chicago, but all my friends from out of town are coming here.

    LOL @ elevators being for fat people.

    Have you heard about zappos. They have free shipping and free shipping on returns. I know you said you have a big shoe size, so zappos is probably perfect for you. Check it out!

    • I’m about to adopt your attitude!

      My father has such a way with words. I think simply encouraging us to be fit by taking the stairs would’ve sufficed…

      I get most of my shoes from Zappos – I just happened to be browsing around on Amazon and took the plunge. I’m going back to Zappos – free shipping and free returns cannot be beat!

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