Rock, Skate. Roll, Bounce!

Mmkay, so I couldn’t hold out until August to post – my bad.  Just some end-of-the-month randoms.  Have  a great weekend!

  • Took that kid of mine skating last night.  Today, I am exhausted.  Pulling 40 pounds of giggling, always-falling-down Lovegirl up off the skating rink floor for 2.5 hours non-stop is no joke!  She had such a good time and is begging me to take her back.  Today.  No ma’am, but we will definitely be going back for Thursday night gospel skate. 
  • Baby!  My guilty pleasure (Real Housewives Of ATL) premiered last night.  If last night was any indication, this season is not going to have a single dull moment.  From Dwight giving NeNe a lap dance to Sheree and the party planner going at it – last night’s show was pure hilarity! 
  • Smoochy called last night around 11 to say that he might come home to sleep and leave shortly after we did in the morning.  I said “okay,” but inside I was screaming “noooooooo!”  I never want to suggest that my husband that he “can’t” come home.  But.  When that joker strolled in the door at nearly 2 in the morning, unpacked, played plumber by plunging the toilet, took a shower, sprayed on cologne, and tried to talk to me, I can’t lie – I was pissed.  I finally settled back to sleep around 3.  And then got up at 4:30.  Aaaaargh!
  • Drinking a caffeinated beverage after being caffeine free for at least a decade?  Not a good idea.  Neither was consuming my second hamburger in 12-15 years.  What’s up with these strange cravings.  Uh, uh – don’t even think it!

Okay, I’m sleepy.  That’s all I’ve got.  Peace!


You Better Work!

Combine a rather cool summer (lately anyhow) with an onslaught of back-to-school sales and Mississippi’s first tax free shopping weekend and what do you get?  A Nerd Girl who’s itching to make some much-needed additions to her wardrobe, of course.

Now, y’all already know that I’m no fashionista.  I do find, that as I get older, I am more concerned with the way I look – no need to be old and tacky.  I really used to not give a darn – I blame it on my casual CA upbringing – y’all dress in the South!  If forced to pick a style, I lean more toward classics.  I have neither the funds nor the inclination to replace my wardrobe every year. 

Anyhoo, I’ve decided to add a few sweaters – mostly cardigans – to my closet this year.  I only recently began wearing sweaters (I know, right?) and realize that they’re a great way to add color and variety to my wardrobe.  A couple of new necklaces, a few new camisoles,  and a strappy belt or two and I should be good to go. 

Here are a few I’ve got my eye on:

swtr1           swtr2        swtr3           swtr4

Are you “freshening up” your wardrobe for the fall and winter?  What, if anything, are you adding to your stash?

I think this is my last post for the month.  Stay tuned in August – I think I’m going to do a couple of give-aways just because!

Hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day 🙂

Put a Ring On It


Every Monday morning my students have lecture from 7-8. I usually walk over to collect roll, wish them all a happy day, and to thank the lecturer for actually showing up.

So this morning as I’m walking out of lecture, the security guard calls me over all serious like.  “Ma’am, are you in charge of these students?  Can I speak to you for a minute?’

I’m thinking they’ve done and/or said something stupid and that I was about to have to chastise an entire group of 25 year old med students.

Nerd Girl:  “Good morning.  What’s going on?”

Security Dude:  “Good morning.  Did you get a divorce?”

Nerd Girl:  “Whaaat? What are you talking about?”

Security Dude:  “The last few times you’ve been in here I noticed that you weren’t wearing a ring anymore.  I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but do you want to go to lunch?”

Nerd Girl:  “Serious?  I have really sensitive skin and I can’t wear my ring right now.  Everything is good at the house.  So, no thanks.”

Security Dude:  “Oh.  Okay.  I sure hate that.  Have a good one.”

I can’t get mad at the man’s hustle – he did wait a few weeks to ask “newly single” me out.  But it kind of creeps me out that he’s been studying my hand for the last few months (????) and I never noticed him.  Usually I’m pretty aware (kinda) of people I encounter frequently.

If you’re single, in the area, and can deal with state employee money, holler at ya girl – there’s a very observant – and pretty decent looking – security guard I know who’s looking for a hook-up!

These Last Two Dollars

Okay, I confess.  This post has nothing to do with the J.ohnny Taylor song, money, or the number two.  However, that song has been floating around in my head for the last few days, so I figured I’d use it for the title.

Really today, it is all about the randoms.  Here goes:

  • We had a blast in Pine Bluff.  It was great seeing my people and watching Lovegirl interact with everyone and enjoy all of the attention she got.
  • I seem to have gained a little weight and am now “doughy” around the middle.  I’ll be working to get my waist back and get some definition in my arms.
  • My 20th high school reunion is next weekend.  I’ve never been to a reunion.  Maybe I’ll make the 25th??
  • Mean people suck.  Rude people too.
  • I am still considering letting school go.  I don’t ever remember feeling so nonchalant toward my education before.  I just want to come home from work and do regular people stuff.  Whatever that is.  I dunno, we’ll see.
  • Smoochy just told me today that the company he drives for has eliminated vacations.  Instead, they’ll get a check for a couple hundred dollars every year on their anniversary.  That sucks.
  • Hmmm, I seem to be complaining.  These randoms need to take a turn for the positive.
  • The dude that did my hair did a great job.  I think it looks better this week as I don’t look nearly as “plucked” as I did last week with every single piece of hair contained and rolled.  He was timely and didn’t have a bunch of clients he was working on at the same time.  He invited me to his birthday party next month and gave me some workout tips.  I think he’s a keeper!
  • The seedless green grapes I bought yesterday?  Delicious.
  • I didn’t think I would, but I really love the fact that Lovegirl wears a uniform to school right now.  She won’t when she hits the public schools next year.
  • Lovegirl has recently discovered the music of M.ichael J.ackson thanks to some of her classmates. (Who knew 4 year olds sat around discussing recently departed musicians????)  I LOVE to hear her sing “let’s dance, let’s shout, shhh…out, shake ya body down to the ground!” 
  • P.andora is trippin’.  They now have a 40-hour limit on listening per month.  Please believe I’ve been ripping my CD collection to my work computer slowly but surely.  I feel sorry for people who can’t work to music. 
  • I broke a nail.  So the other 9 had to be clipped.  I can’t stand short nails.  But I can’t stand mis-matched nails even more.
  • Damnit!  Something in my bra is poking me. 
  • Wondering if I should take Lovegirl to D.isney Land when we go to CA in Sept.
  • I vowed not to eat out about two weeks ago.  I was only going for a week of home-cooked meals, but so far, except for this weekend, I have eaten only meals prepared at home. 
  • I am continually amazed that my boss cares so much about what people say/think about her.  She is continually amazed that I could give a darn.

Mmmkay, that’s it.  Is it Friday yet?????

State College, We Greet Thee With Love & Devotion


What?  Nobody recognizes that song either?  Why that, my dears, is the opening line of UAPB’s Alma Mater. 

This weekend the kiddo and I are headed over to the Bluff to meet up with my parents who are in town for my  Mom’s high school reunion.  Lovegirl is beyond excited.  She has told anyone who would listen that she is going on her very first vacation ever!  Umm honey, remember our trip to California?  What about the cruise?  Nope – no recollection of anywhere she’s been before.  She has asked me if I knew what to pack for her, did I remember her scarf, make sure I pack her swimsuit – because they have pools at hotel, you know.  Little girl….But I’m excited that she’s excited.  And I’m looking forward to hanging out with the ‘rents and my middle brother and his girlfriend who are driving over as well.  Just wait until I tell her (the day before we go, no sooner) that we’re going to California later on this year!  She is going to flip her lid 🙂

In addition to hanging out with my family while in Pine Bluff, I’ll catch up with a few friends who still live in the area – we’ve been invited to two family reunions.  And of course, I’m going to take Lovegirl on campus The Yard and show her where I spent most of my 20’s.  I’ll show her the Kountz Kyle science building where I dissected animals, tried to learn physics, studied botany, and met her father.  We’ll walk around (never under) the bell tower and visit the bookstore where I’ll surely buy a couple of overpriced tshirts.  I’ll show her where all three of her uncles crossed the burning sands and take her to the lounge where I learned how to play spades.  I’ll probably avoid the Q stump because Big Brad used to holler out nasty things every time I walked by, and I don’t want to have flashbacks in front of my kid.  When we leave campus, we’ll go by Richie’s and get the best vanilla shake known to man.  It is also guaranteed to make your stomach protest, but we drank them anyway because they are  truly that good.  Aaah, the memories.

Hmmm, looks like she’s not the only one looking forward to our “vacation.”

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Got to Keep on Pushin’

Do I have to keep on pushing?  That’s what “they” say right?  It is the American way.  If you get knocked down, get up and try again.  If at first you don’t succeed, in it to win it, and all that jazz.

Well, hell.  I’m tired.  I’ve lapsed back into my procrastinating ways.  I am this close to just dropping out of this program and calling it a day.  I’m stressed.  I’m snapping off on everybody from Smoochy to the cafeteria lady.  I just want to quit.  When is it okay to just throw up your hands, throw in the towel and say “I’m through?”  Is it ever?  How do I teach my child the importance of seeing something though to the end?  How do I teach her tenacity if I don’t seem to have any myself?

I feel like a big fat zero.  Blech.