Save Me, Somebody Save Me!

In July?  All my posts will be song titles or lines from songs.  Why?  Just because.

Okay, so I’ve mentioned Lovegirl’s humongous puff in my last few posts.  Well…

Last night I put her to bed.  She popped up in my room every few minutes.

“Mama, I’m not tired.”  “Go to bed Lovegirl.”

“Mama, I counted 20 sheep and I’m still not sleep.”  “Count to 100 in English and then in Spanish.  Go to bed.”

“Mama, how do you say 70 is Spanish?”  “Setenta.  Now go to sleep.  If you say anything else tonight, I’m going to spank your bottom!”

Small voice:  “Mama?”  “Mama?”  “I fell and I can’t get up.”

Dear God!  Has my child been striken with some sort of palsy in the middle of the night or is she just re-enacting those hilarious commercials from the 80’s?  I run down the hall to her room.

I find Lovegirl lying on her stomach, half under her toddler bed. 

“Honey, are you okay?  What hurts?  Tell Mama.”

“Mama, I didn’t really fall.  One of my toys fell out the bed and I crawled under here to get it, but now I’m stuck.”

The child’s afro-puff got stuck in the coils of the bedframe and she couldn’t get herself loose!

Next week?  Back to twists and braids.

*Today’s entry has two song references.  One in the title, one in the body of the entry.  Anyone????