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I’ve Got a New Attitude

Not.  Though not as pissy as I was yesterday, I can tell that my snap-off potential is still pretty high.

Everybody (okay, 3 dudes at work) have been raving about this guy who does dreads and they told me I should give him a call so he can hook me up.  They give me his number.  I’m going to the Bluff next week, so I figure I’ll go get a wash and twist before I head out.  I’ve been doing my hair myself for well over a year, and if this guy is as wonderful as they say he is, I figure it wouldn’t hurt to pay him a visit every couple of months for a little routine maintainance.  So, I call him.

“Hello, may I speak to dreadlock dude?”

“This is he.”

“Hi.  I’m Nerd Girl.  I got your number from a few of the people I work with.  I understand you work wonders and would like to come in next Wednesday for a wash and retwist.”

“This is my private number.”

“Okaaaay.  Well, this is the number they gave me, I’m sorry.  Is there another number you’ d like me to call instead?”

“Well, no this is fine.  I’m sure they told you that you must come in for a consultation.”

“Nope, they didn’t.  Can I come in tomorrow?”


“What time?”

“Any time.  I’ll be there all day.”

***I’m beginning to remember why I CANNOTSTANDGOINGTOGETMYHAIRDONE!!! Your all day may not be the same as my all day!  Woo sah.***

“Okay, great.  Where are you located?”

“On such and such between the fish house and K.rystals.”

“Um.  Where is that?”

“Well, if you can find the street, you can find it.”

“Do you have an address?”

“I don’t know the address, but everybody knows where such and such road is.”

What I say:  “Okay, thank you.  I’ll ask someone for clearer directions and come by after work tomorrow.”

What I’m thinking:  The hell?  I am a potential customer – you know? Source of income-cash-money-dinero-cheddar!!  Why the hell is this dude giving me attitude for asking for an address?  I’m cool with an address AND landmarks, but not just no stankin’ landmarks.  I don’t live on that side o’town.  Am rarely over there.  Aint been to that fish house and I don’t eat at K.rystal.  (I don’t care if you do, I just don’t).  How about you just tell me where your dadgum business is so I can drive halfway around the world tomorrow for my consultation so I can come back next week and get my hair did?  How about that????

Yeah, still got a bit of ‘tude left.


14 thoughts on “I’ve Got a New Attitude

  1. What kind of mess is that? How do you not know the address of the place you do business out of? I guess I should be glad I live in a place where there’s a natural hair show every year–you get so many loctician’s cards, it’s not even funny.

  2. Ooooh! Go 20W, get off on Ellis Ave exit, right on Ellis down to Terry Road. Right on Terry Road. The Krystals is right there. You really can’t miss it. Or if you get off on Terry Road exit, stay right, the Krystals will be on your left.

    But he was still wrong for that. Loserface.

    • Thank you Pserendipity for directions! They were very good and I made it there with no problem. Now why he couldn’t do that, I don’t know….

  3. funny…but you know he won’t be there when you get there? and if he is there, he’ll be heading out or working on somebody else and want you to wait, LOL!

  4. ooooooooooh chile! LOL I don’t even want you to go to Dude for a consultation…nothing is worse than being pissed off on the phone than being pissed off again in person.

  5. See, that’s some staight country stuff for you. I was in Tenneesee and this girl was giving me directions to her house. She mentioned Shoney’s, Sunoco and a Y12 bank – no streets.

    I was thinking Lord, get me back to Chicago where not only do we have street names, but we have a north, south, east and west grid system that lets you know whether or not you’re going in the right direction. Praise God for the second city!!!

  6. “On such and such between the fish house and K.rystals”

    When that was said i immediately knew where he’s located, but still he should have given better directions. I absolutely hate to ask/give a man directions.

    • He did tell me that he thought everybody knows where Terry Rd. is. I mean, I had an idea, but I also know that Terry Rd. is long and I had no clue where on Terry Rd. he was talking about from those pissy “directions.”

      But I found it – thanks to Pserendipity’s directions. He’s actually pretty cool, and for the first time in over a year – I’m going to get my hair did!

  7. Kinda funny though – right? (I’m sure it wasn’t at the time, but is kinda as I’m reading it a day later). I hope you found it despite his reluctance to give you an address and I hope he did in fact work wonders!

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