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Going Back to Cali….

Whoo hoo!  S.outhwest A.irlines is having a 48 hour sale and tickets are 30, 60, or 90 one-way depending on how far away you’re trying to go.  So I called Smoochy, let him know that I really wanted to take Lovegirl home and he said go for it.  (I wonder if I’ll ever stop referring to CA as home?)

Booked tickets for our 7-day So Cal get-away yesterday.  I am sooooo excited.  Lovegirl hasn’t been to CA since she was almost 2.  I can’t wait for she and my Grandma to have another chance to visit, for her to hang out with her Batu and Matu (my parents) on their turf, and for her to dip her little tootsies in the Pacific via Venice Beach.   I am looking forward to family (of course), fish tacos, the Farmer’s Market, Cost Plus, and IKEA!!!  Can u tell I’m excited?? 

If there’s anywhere you’re itching to go later this summer/early this fall, I highly recommend you head over to S.outhwest and check out their fare sale which ends today.

“Going back to Cali, stylin’, profilin’, growlin and smilin’ while in the sun…..”


13 thoughts on “Going Back to Cali….

  1. I didn’t know you where from Cali!!! So am I and after being away for the past 20 years (college, law school, Holland) I still refer to it as “home” as well. I’m taking my girls in a few weeks, when are you going to be there? Maybe meet up with the girls in Santa Monica?

    • Tha west side is the best side, California love, and all that jazz! The world truly is a small place 🙂

      We aren’t going until September/October. So maybe next time – I’d love to get together if our schedules ever mesh.

      Have a great trip!

  2. NICE! I booked a weekend trip to visit my friend in VA. Beach this weekend and next weekend I’m heading to Tampa for a wedding. I’m excited about both.

    I’ve never visited Cali…I would love to go.

    • Enjoy your trips! I’m thinking the kiddo and I will head to FL next summer.

      If you ever book that trip to CA, holler at me – I’m FULL of suggestions 🙂

  3. Ok, so the Lakers thing is all starting to make sense to me now. I am super excited for you. I live in my native city and I couldn’t imagine living elsewhere and not visiting for YEARS. I also love a good sale on plane tickets. So yeah, this post is all around happy dance material!!!

    Have so much fun and please report back on your hilarious daughter. She’s going to give you some great memories on this trip.

  4. I’m kind of mad I am just reading htis b/c I sure need tickets to go home for homecoming! Question, how does a Cali girl end up in Mississippi?:)

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