State College, We Greet Thee With Love & Devotion


What?  Nobody recognizes that song either?  Why that, my dears, is the opening line of UAPB’s Alma Mater. 

This weekend the kiddo and I are headed over to the Bluff to meet up with my parents who are in town for my  Mom’s high school reunion.  Lovegirl is beyond excited.  She has told anyone who would listen that she is going on her very first vacation ever!  Umm honey, remember our trip to California?  What about the cruise?  Nope – no recollection of anywhere she’s been before.  She has asked me if I knew what to pack for her, did I remember her scarf, make sure I pack her swimsuit – because they have pools at hotel, you know.  Little girl….But I’m excited that she’s excited.  And I’m looking forward to hanging out with the ‘rents and my middle brother and his girlfriend who are driving over as well.  Just wait until I tell her (the day before we go, no sooner) that we’re going to California later on this year!  She is going to flip her lid 🙂

In addition to hanging out with my family while in Pine Bluff, I’ll catch up with a few friends who still live in the area – we’ve been invited to two family reunions.  And of course, I’m going to take Lovegirl on campus The Yard and show her where I spent most of my 20’s.  I’ll show her the Kountz Kyle science building where I dissected animals, tried to learn physics, studied botany, and met her father.  We’ll walk around (never under) the bell tower and visit the bookstore where I’ll surely buy a couple of overpriced tshirts.  I’ll show her where all three of her uncles crossed the burning sands and take her to the lounge where I learned how to play spades.  I’ll probably avoid the Q stump because Big Brad used to holler out nasty things every time I walked by, and I don’t want to have flashbacks in front of my kid.  When we leave campus, we’ll go by Richie’s and get the best vanilla shake known to man.  It is also guaranteed to make your stomach protest, but we drank them anyway because they are  truly that good.  Aaah, the memories.

Hmmm, looks like she’s not the only one looking forward to our “vacation.”

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!