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Put a Ring On It


Every Monday morning my students have lecture from 7-8. I usually walk over to collect roll, wish them all a happy day, and to thank the lecturer for actually showing up.

So this morning as I’m walking out of lecture, the security guard calls me over all serious like.  “Ma’am, are you in charge of these students?  Can I speak to you for a minute?’

I’m thinking they’ve done and/or said something stupid and that I was about to have to chastise an entire group of 25 year old med students.

Nerd Girl:  “Good morning.  What’s going on?”

Security Dude:  “Good morning.  Did you get a divorce?”

Nerd Girl:  “Whaaat? What are you talking about?”

Security Dude:  “The last few times you’ve been in here I noticed that you weren’t wearing a ring anymore.  I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but do you want to go to lunch?”

Nerd Girl:  “Serious?  I have really sensitive skin and I can’t wear my ring right now.  Everything is good at the house.  So, no thanks.”

Security Dude:  “Oh.  Okay.  I sure hate that.  Have a good one.”

I can’t get mad at the man’s hustle – he did wait a few weeks to ask “newly single” me out.  But it kind of creeps me out that he’s been studying my hand for the last few months (????) and I never noticed him.  Usually I’m pretty aware (kinda) of people I encounter frequently.

If you’re single, in the area, and can deal with state employee money, holler at ya girl – there’s a very observant – and pretty decent looking – security guard I know who’s looking for a hook-up!


12 thoughts on “Put a Ring On It

  1. At least he was respectful in how he approached you. I’m kind of mad he said, “Sorry to hear that.” Like your marriage being a success was bad. LOL! I guess it is bad for him.

  2. He does sounds decent and respectful. At least he fell back when you said that you were still married. Seems like so many would have asked the ever popular, “But are you happy?” or “Can we just be friends?” Fool please!

    • Girl, I am so glad he chose not to run either of those corny lines! He really does seem to be decent.

      I can’t lie – I was like “why is this older man” hitting on me? Then I realized he’s probably in his late 30s, early 40s – my age. Oh lawd – I’m “older” too!!!

  3. Baby, my ring radar STAYS on. I’m not even. trying. to. go. there. with no married, semi-married, separated or otherwise tied up dude.

    LOL!!! I’m glad he fell back, as he should have. Folks need to learn from him..how to gracefully bow out that is.

  4. Okay, y’all helped me see this in a different light. I guess I’ve been with Smoochy for so long that I don’t really notice wedding rings at all unless they’re particularly attractive to me (the ring, not the person).

    I guess I’ll move dude out of “creepy security man” category and put him in “nice dude to speak to – occasionally” category!

  5. My ring radar is always on.
    Funny, but I have caught myself dong the same thing Kelly does. LOL!
    After being single for a while, you kinda do it without realizing it.

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