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Rock, Skate. Roll, Bounce!

Mmkay, so I couldn’t hold out until August to post – my bad.  Just some end-of-the-month randoms.  Have  a great weekend!

  • Took that kid of mine skating last night.  Today, I am exhausted.  Pulling 40 pounds of giggling, always-falling-down Lovegirl up off the skating rink floor for 2.5 hours non-stop is no joke!  She had such a good time and is begging me to take her back.  Today.  No ma’am, but we will definitely be going back for Thursday night gospel skate. 
  • Baby!  My guilty pleasure (Real Housewives Of ATL) premiered last night.  If last night was any indication, this season is not going to have a single dull moment.  From Dwight giving NeNe a lap dance to Sheree and the party planner going at it – last night’s show was pure hilarity! 
  • Smoochy called last night around 11 to say that he might come home to sleep and leave shortly after we did in the morning.  I said “okay,” but inside I was screaming “noooooooo!”  I never want to suggest that my husband that he “can’t” come home.  But.  When that joker strolled in the door at nearly 2 in the morning, unpacked, played plumber by plunging the toilet, took a shower, sprayed on cologne, and tried to talk to me, I can’t lie – I was pissed.  I finally settled back to sleep around 3.  And then got up at 4:30.  Aaaaargh!
  • Drinking a caffeinated beverage after being caffeine free for at least a decade?  Not a good idea.  Neither was consuming my second hamburger in 12-15 years.  What’s up with these strange cravings.  Uh, uh – don’t even think it!

Okay, I’m sleepy.  That’s all I’ve got.  Peace!


18 thoughts on “Rock, Skate. Roll, Bounce!

  1. I loved skating as a kid but my mom refused to skate with us, she just chilled on the side. Gospel Skate Night…interesting.

    RDHoA was hilarious last night, I only caught the last 30 minutes but the scene with Sheree and the party planner made my husband stop and watch – pure entertainment and is it just me but have you noticed that Bravo has beefed up its advertising toward African Americans – I have never seen an Olive Oil Hair Treatment add on Bravo and last night was my first.

    Have a good weekend.

    • I think that I may have to follow your mother’s lead next time we go and sit myself down somewhere!

      I didn’t notice the ads, but will definitely pay attention from here out – Bravo is home to a lot of the shows that I watch.

  2. Ha – the post is song title! I love that song, Vaughn Mason and Crew! “Aint nothin’ but a party, so stay on your feet!” I just can’t into the Housewives. I watched half of an episode last season and it made my head hurt. Although, the net was been buzzing this morning about last nights episode, so maybe I might give it a little peek.

  3. You haven’t had a caffienated drink in how long?? Not a coke? OMG, this is a serious matter.

    I missed the Housewives, but I will definitely be tuning in! Oh! That reminds me. I need to see who got booted from Big Brother.

  4. Loooong time. I used to have a serious Mt. Dew habit and once I gave that up….I’ll drink a Sprite every now and again, but that’s about it. That one cup of coffee yesterday had me jittery and shaking until lunch. Uh, uh – no mas!

    Get with it! I’m going to let you have BB…

  5. i’m not a big coffee drinker. the first time i had starbucks abt 4 years ago i was in shakes! lol. i felt like a crackhead. omg i HATE being awakened in the middle of my sleep then not being able to get back until it’s almost time to get up!!! that sucks! lol @ the roller skating workout.

    • I really don’t know how dope fiends do it! Yeah, I thought our ten years of wedded bliss was OVER!!! Next time you’re in Jxn, you can join us for gospel skate 🙂

  6. Housewives was toooo much! Why is Kim on the show?? I was hoping that someone really did throw a book at her. She’s soooo delusional.

    I wish I had a place to skate around here.

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