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What a Girl Wants

Lovegirl: Mama, what’s for breakfast?
Nerd Girl:  A banana.
Lovegirl:  I love bananas!

Lovegirl:  Mom, what’s for breakfast?
Nerd Girl:  Watermelon.
Lovegirl:  Sigh!  I am not eating any more fruit until I get a donut for breakfast!
Nerd Girl:  *silence and a blank face in the rear view mirror*
Lovegirl:  I’m not getting a donut tomorrow, am I?

Lovegirl:  Mom, what’s for breakfast this morning?
Nerd Girl:  A banana and grapes.
Lovegirl:  Oh boy!  I love bananas and grapes! And I’m going to eat my breakfast without complaining!

Nerd Girl:  Go ahead, pick out which donut you want.
Lovegirl:  The one with white icing and sprinkles.  No.  Not the round sprinkles, the long sprinkles. I waited a long time for this. Thank you mama. You are the best mom ever!


Lovegirl: Mom, can I have a piece of PawPaw’s pound cake for dessert?
Nerd Girl: You can have a slice, but PawPaw didn’t make that pound cake.
Lovegirl: Okay, fine. Can I have a piece of God’s pound cake? He made everything.

Lovegirl: Mom, do you know who I just love so much?
Nerd Girl: Me and Daddy?
Lovegirl: Nope. Aidan. I love Aidan so much. He’s like my best friend ever! And he’s new.
Nerd Girl: New?
Lovegirl: Yes mama. Last year they said we were getting a new friend, and it was Aidan. He’s new.
Nerd Girl: Well honey, that was last year. He’s not new anymore. You all have been in school together for a whole year.
Lovegirl: Well, he’s not old. You and Daddy are old.


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