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What’s Going On?

  • We made it through the first week of school.  The new teacher is stricter than the K4 teacher was.  Yay!  She also sent home about 17 homework sheets over the course of the week.  Boo!
  • Took my last swimming lesson Thursday.  Well, the last one I’ve paid for thus far.  May take another round later.  Anyhoo.  I can swim on my back, I can tread water, I can swim underwater for as long as I can hold my breath.  I still can’t actually swim, come up for air, and continue to swim.  Ah well, perhaps next time.
  • I am back in the gym with a vengeance.  Everybody says they can’t tell I’ve gained weight.  Well, I can tell, and I don’t like it.  So I’m working it out and trying to get right.  I found some great moves in the latest issue of S.elf and have incorporated them into my workout – I was getting a little bored with my, well, routine.
  • A.ngelina J.olie annoys me.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie she’s starred in, so it is not her acting.  Everytime I see her staring at me from the slick cover of a magazine I just wish she would go away.
  • Ever since I found out that I won’t be done with my car note until December (I thought I was finished in June) I’ve been waiting until the last minute to send my payment in.  In my mind, I’m “showing them.”  Really, I’m just being an idiot.
  • Smoochy came in the door on Saturday announcing that he had a surprise for me.  And he presented me with a flat of double-yolked eggs.  Dude?  How long have we been together?  What the hell made you think  I was going to get excited about some big-A eggs?  I don’t even eat eggs!  Who am I?  Ma Ingalls?  All excited about some dadgum eggs?   Puh-leeze!  Next thing you know he’ll be bringing me a bolt of calico cloth to make the kid a right pretty dress!
  • In my quest to lose weight, I decided to try a healthier cereal this week.  I usually bring a box of raisin bran or shredded wheat.  This week I’ve got a box of K.ashi G.oLean.  Should’ve done myself a favor and just eaten the box.  Blech!
  • Lovegirl and I walked in the R.elay for Life held at our church this Friday/Saturday.  We walked and talked and socialized until midnight – I could not hang until 6 Saturday a.m.  Maybe next year.  Not.
  • I’m giving up sweets until September.  I’m allowing myself two cups of coffee a day, but other than that, no sugar.  Trying to see if limiting my sugar will help control my eczema.  I’ve done no sugar before, but wasn’t paying any attention to my skin.  This time around, I’m eagle-eyed.
  • I know we’re all on different budgets, but what amount do you think is reasonable for an everyday-type work blouse/shirt?  I’d like to see if what I have in my mind is average.  I’m betting not 🙂
  • Hope everyone has a great day.  I’ll try to have the next giveaway up tomorrow. 



9 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. i think you could get away with $20 max for a work shirt on sale. July’s usually a good time to find big sales and February but most stores always have some sort of sale section. dead @ a bolt of calico cloth to make the kid a right pretty dress! lolol!! i love eggs & the yolk’s the best part!! so i would knock rashan over with gratitude over that one! lol. kashi is gross. what is the point in eating healthily if it has to taste like cardboard? for a good healthy cereal, flaxplus pumpkin raisin crunch is actually good & has lots of fiber.

  2. Hey Miss,

    This is pretty funny. Glad you’re working it out, like you know one can tell I’ve gained weight but I can feel it for sure. After 5 weeks of seriously working it out I’ve lost 11.5 pounds.

    You’re right about Kashi. I used to eat it. It’s terrible. Try the Autumn Wheat(?) It’s basically their version of frosted mini wheats made with a little bit of cane sugar – I liked that until I got bored with it.

    You must be down south if school is in session.

    Gotta see your swimming through. Black folk need to know how to swim. We’re the ones always drowning on the news.

    Hope all is well.

  3. Kashi Go Lean Crunch is quite tasty. The regular is quite cardboardish.

    I took swimming lessons and loved it. Plan on doing it again at some point.

    LMAO at the eggs!

  4. Kids don’t go back to school in Chicago until September 8th. I can’t believe Lovegirl’s been in school for a week already.

    Work blouse – I’d say $50… can’t wait to see what you were thinking.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Kashi. I was planning to try it this weekend.
    For the work blouse I’d say $35-$50.

  6. YAY for you staying with your workout plan!

    LMAO @ Smoochy and his eggs. His heart was in the right place. His head…not so much. lol

    That Kashi crap is for the birds!! I requested a free sample sometime last year…..never again.

  7. I generally pay anywhere from $25-$40 for a work shirt. I will pay more if I absolutely love it and have to have it.

    Kashi? Yeah, no. I’ve been eating Special K blueberry mixed with Honey Bunches of Oats strawberry. It is quite tasty!

    LOL at your Ma Ingalls comment!

  8. I am a college student , so I really shouldn’t be spending as much as I do on clothes but … I would say no more than 50 for a shirt is reasonable ( preferably on the lower end of that spectrum )

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