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Tales…of Desperado and other random type stuff

  • So, one of my work-friends broke up with her boyfriend.  Why is dude stalking me?  Apparently he was so distraught by the breakup that he “decided to pass out.”  So he did on Sunday.  Spent the night in the hospital.   Called me on Monday begging, crying.  Asking me to beg her to get back with him.  Told me that he loved her so much that he sacrificed his body to her.  By KNOWINGLY contracting an incurable-type disease to prove his love.  Dude.  Really?  I tried to be gentle and kind, told him that life was worth living, it just seems bad now, yadda, yadda, yadda, but that there was no point in his calling me – I don’t get that involved in other people’s love lives.  So why has he called me every day since then (ON MY JOB!!!) –  as I have pointedly asked him not to – to state his case and beg for my help?  Okay, a week ago I had no beef with you.  Now I think you’re a whiny, crazy, infectious stalker.  I’m pretty sure that’s not what you want me to tell her….Did I mention that I work in a hospital and this joker had me paged over the loudspeaker one day????  Thank God I left campus for lunch that day.  Nerd Girl is an easy-going, peaceful type girl, but that would’ve pushed me over the edge had I been here to hear that!
  • I believe I suck at giveaways.  Sorry.  TIH, I’m going today to get – and put – your winnings in the mail.  Everybody else?  Leave me a comment and I’ll send something to the somebody chosen by random.  I don’t know yet what that something is….
  • I love Top Chef!  I mean love it.  I’m sooooo glad they told old girl to pack her knives last night.  Her voice alone was enough for me to think she should go! 
  • Our pastor has been talking about how we should treat other people.  That people are God’s reflection here on earth and that we need to be very careful how we treat people.  That what we do to  the least, we do unto Him.   I’ve been reflecting on that something tough.
  • Did I tell y’all I flunked out of school this summer session?  Well, I did.   I got an “F” in my practicum.  Because I didn’t do it.  I was tired.  Anyhow, I wrote a letter and they let me back in school.  I’m still not sure that’s where I want to be though.  Hmmmmm.
  • I think I may be in a pissy mood.  Could ya tell?  So I guess I’ll wrap this up before I pass this foul ‘tude on. 

I’m serious about the give-away though.  Leave me a comment by Sunday night – I’ll come up with something 🙂


14 thoughts on “Tales…of Desperado and other random type stuff

  1. i love top chef, too! i thought she should have been sent home but i thought her cohort in the bottom deserved it, too. ummm… i would totally tell her dude is a stalker and don’t ever get back w/him. no sir.

    • Yep – they were all horrible. I hope everyone steps their game up this week! I haven’t decided whether or not to tell her he’s been calling me. He hasn’t called since Thursday, so I hope he got the message. Probably won’t mention it to her unless she mentions them getting back together. This is waaaay outside of my comfort zone. Nerd Girl doesn’t like – or do – drama!

  2. Knowingly contracting a disease? I’m curious, but glad you didn’t say what it was…

    How you gonna stalk someone’s work friends? The world is full of crazy people.

  3. I would like to go on the record as saying Kelly already won a prize and she better not win another. Spoken like the true hater I am.

    I do believe you conveniently left out the fact that you flunked out of summer session. I also believe that your mother told you to go on ahead and finish school. Listen and obey.

  4. I cannot believe this dude shared with you that he knowingly caught a damn disease! Lawd Jesus folks are dumb! How is that proving your love for someone????????????????????????????? I think it’s more of proving your ignorance. At any rate, I’d have to tell old girl to call him and tell him something or else he’d get cussed if he called me one more gin on my job!

    • Riiight. Believe me when I say I wish I didn’t know. That was the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a very long time – and I hear dumb stuff pretty regularly. Now I’m looking at her sideways (well, actually I’m avoiding her) hoping that its not true. Because as crazy as he is to “sacrifice” his body, she’s even crazier for allowing him to contract something KNOWING there are ways to avoid it. Ay dios mio!

    • I cannot believe this dude shared with you that he knowingly caught a damn disease!

      Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! I’d be so damn shame if I were him!! lol People are so stupid.

  5. What is with relationship drama at work? I read another blog about domestic drama on another blog. Thank goodness this isn’t happening to me. It’s so hard for me not to say exactly what’s on my mind all the time. I mean I really have to work to have a filter. So if you call me with some stuff that’s just so off, I wouldn’t even know how to serve it up. That guy would be mad he called me…

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