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S, I, U

So, Love Girl’s new teacher sends home weekly progress reports.  Well, she just started – I read the first one yesterday.

Follows Rules – S (yay!)
Treats others with respect – S (double yay!  I don’t take this lightly. I really cannot stand mean, disrespectful people. Just yuck!)
Listens Carefully – I
Follows Directions – I
Completes Assignments – I
Stays on Task – U

So, out of 6 tasks, she’ s doing 2 satisfactorily, needs improvement on 3 and is performing unsatisfactorily in 1.  If she were in “real” school, this report card would get her a spanking.  I think.

Y’all.  My “easy” parenting days are quickly coming to an end.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to foster a love of learning in my girl, convince her that school is “fun” even when I know that sometimes it isn’t, get her to obey rules, stop daydreaming, stay on task, do neat work, etc., etc.  She’s 4 – to her, life is a party – or should be.   No self-respecting party requests that its guests write capital and lower-case letters, sit in silence for extended periods of time, or repeat alphabet sounds incessantly.

I’ve talked to her, told her she has to do her school work so that she can continue to be a smart girl, that she can have fun when her work is done correctly and neatly, etc., etc.  She looks at me, says yes ma’am, sticks her thumb in her mouth – and I get the same verbal report the next day. 

How do I help this child strike a harmonious balance between the schoolwork she has to do well and the play that she wants to do?  Have any of y’all had this situation?  How did you handle?   Am I worrying for naught?  Is this something that they all “go through” that somehow straightens itself out? Thanks in advance for suggestions.


3 thoughts on “S, I, U

  1. I think you need to nip this in the bud, otherwise she’ll grow up to be the kind of person who sits and works and constantly checks blogs. 😐

  2. This FURTHER lets me know, I am not ready to be a parent. I’m such an overachiever that I’d either be very scared that my child was going to be below average or mediocre OR I’d be so hard on them that it’d give them problems later on in life.

    This is SO scary to me.

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